This is the trailer for a documentary film made by Cincinnati Friends Meeting, with financial support from Wilmington Yearly Meeting and The Christian History Institute.

The film focuses on "that of God in everyone" as central to all branches of Friends. All adults interviewed (with the exception of Carl Westmoreland of the Underground RR Freedom Center) are Quakers, programmed & unprogrammed, from both FUM and FGC yearly meetings.

Those from Rebel Pilgrim Productions who produced the film, are not Quakers, but were inspired enough by these stories to make the film without seeking profit. Vision Video, the distributor, supports films related to Christian history, thought & practice across denominations. Though we insisted that it be made clear in the trailer that this film is not about all Quakers but focuses only on Friends in a particular area, the trailer script was written by non-Quakers and contains some language to which some Friends may object.

Please bear in mind the goal in making this film. Having spent more than a year and quite a bit of money to hold Quaker Quest sessions at Cincinnati Friends, with very little result, we wanted to make a film that would introduce people to Quakerism and perhaps attract more people to Friends meetings everywhere. The film is not intended to be a complete history of the Religious Society of Friends, but an introduction for newcomers and a reminder for oldtimers of what is best in us.

The film is available from Amazon for $19.99; from Vision Video for $15.00 + S&H, from Christian Cinema for $14.92. Vision Video distributes the film to Christian bookstores, libraries, schools, etc. Distribution among Quakers is by word-of-mouth right now.

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Comment by Donne Hayden on 1st mo. 22, 2016 at 11:32am

Thanks for this comment, Daniel.  This film is not intended to be a history of Friends.  Instead it  focuses on the good work Friends have done over the years.  Our failings (which we know all too well) are not addressed in this film.  Friends who are subjects in the film include Hicksite & Orthodox, Evangelical and Liberal unprogrammed; no mention of division is made at all.  The focus is on higher causes when Friends worked together for a greater good. 

Comment by Daniel Wilcox on 1st mo. 22, 2016 at 10:39am

I think the trailer is well done. Paced well, emphasizes social action.

However as with anything brief explanation it distorts. Levi Coffin was actually removed from his Friends meeting for continuing to help slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.

Comment by William F Rushby on 1st mo. 20, 2016 at 8:01pm
The Quaker story as interpreted by activist liberal Friends

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