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At 10:22am on 8th mo. 3, 2016, Gene Hillman said…

So why doesn't the spell checker at a Quaker site have the word "convincement"? :-)

At 2:18pm on 8th mo. 13, 2012, Bruce R. Arnold said…
I appreciate the Quake-alanche I get every time you highlight one of my posts on your site.
At 11:03am on 1st mo. 5, 2012, Mary Parish said…

Dear Martin,  So nice to see this good work!  Please say hi to Julie for me!   Mary

At 11:56pm on 8th mo. 13, 2011, T. Vail Palmer, Jr. said…

Sometimes editors just leave out the "Jr."  I did write that 1954 article on "Which Way Peace?"


My "senior" was Thompson V. Palmer, a Quaker botanist, nurseryman, and landscape gardener -- with the greenest thumb ever, a strong interest in consumer co-ops, and not the faintest interest in theology!


Vail Palmer

At 6:18pm on 8th mo. 10, 2011, Mark Judkins Helpsmeet said…

I do want to set up feeds for both of my radio shows - is it possible to set it up to automatically draw from my feeds for the 2 shows?


At 9:41am on 4th mo. 26, 2011, Christopher Sammond said…

Dear Martin,  Glad to finally connect with this site.  Thank you for all your work creating and maintaining Quakerquaker.  It has become an important part of the fabric of our Society.


Yours in Christ, Christopher

At 1:09pm on 2nd mo. 25, 2011, Jon Berry said…
Thanks, Martin, for featuring my Insight Trails interview with Martin Kelly on Quaker Quaker. It created a nice boost in visits to the blog -- testimony to the QuakerQuaker community -- and inspired me to (finally!) create my QuakerQuaker page. I look forward to being a more active member. Keep up the good work!
At 12:09pm on 8th mo. 25, 2010, Chronicler said…
Hey Martin - I just found out about Thomas Swain's blog - I think that it should be posted here somewhere:
At 3:45pm on 8th mo. 9, 2010, Deborah Fisch said…
Good to figure out how to get connected. Thanks for this ministry!
At 10:56am on 6th mo. 2, 2010, Jon Berry said…
Hi, Martin, thanks for your welcome and for your kind words on my Insight Trails blog. I've posted a couple times on Quakerism in the blog -- most recently asking whether early Quakers' concerns about financial debt have resonance again today -- and realized I should be raising these questions to a wider community. I look forward to connecting with you and the QQ community. Best, Jon Berry
At 3:20am on 6th mo. 1, 2010, Porter Doran said…
Thanks Martin!

In fact I am moving into the heart of Evangelical Friends country -- Newberg, Oregon. There are no unprogrammed meetings there -- and attending those in Portland will be impossible without a car (the bus does not run on Sundays) ...
At 9:12pm on 5th mo. 20, 2010, Paulette Meier said…
Thanks for the welcome, Martin. Didn't we first meet at Middletown Friends Meeting, at the extended Meeting for Worship?
I'm afraid I don't routinely get around to reading blogs and the like, but maybe once I get the hang of this site, it'll be different! I'll take your tour of the site, I just noticed. : )
At 12:17pm on 5th mo. 19, 2010, John George Archer said…

Glad to be a part of the 'Quaker Quaker' whole. Thankyou.
My tone? Didn't intend to scare you. My tone, truth be told, is - and will be - at the very least, civil. But I hope to be rather more than that - compassionate.

Admittedly, these are high aims indeed. And understandably, you may or may not have taken my 'Anarchy' to actually be 'Chaos'. Not so. Instead, I concur rather strongly with the sentiments of one Henry Adams,
"The Virgin and St. Thomas [Aquinas] are my vehicles to anarchism."

Again, thank you for my addition. And I look forward to learning and living in the light of God through Lord Jesus Christ with all that I cross here.

(Have posted this email as a comment)

Warmest Regards,

John George Archer,

Nelson Bay, Australia
At 2:30pm on 5th mo. 11, 2010, Eric Gibson A.K.A Joaquin love said…
Hi Martin,

Thanks for approving my membership

I will be attending my first friends meeting ever this Sunday in the town I live San diego C.A.Ive been a student of scripture for over two decades.I have shed my titles(minister,elder) and just am,Which opened me to the infinite waves of possibilities in embracing all of life.I am a Parent,Friend and Author of a new book called "The Mythology Of Race Mankinds Challenge To A Better World.I Make a postive referrence to the historical view's that the friends took agaisnt slavery As early as the 1600's.I am a peace activist,humanitarian and philosopher and I retired new york city Police Officer.Well Im looking forward to making friends here and learning
At 10:11pm on 5th mo. 4, 2010, Caroline Cherry said…
There are actually four Quakers on the faculty at Eastern University, and ever so often a student will attend Meeting (I generally extend the invitation at some point.) I'm happy to find this web site -- I ran across it while looking for ideas for revising our Meeting's web site (Radnor.)
At 12:35am on 4th mo. 9, 2010, Dan Kasztelan said…
Thanks for the welcome, Martin. I did get the video posted, and also listed our Quaker Lecture coming up on Sunday. It fits in with your recent posts and video with Micah Bales and Faith Kelley, since Katie is also on the organizing committee for YAF2010 gathering. I especially like the sub-title of her talk: Is there room for me at the table?
At 4:42pm on 2nd mo. 19, 2010, Martin Kelley said…
No, just the First Day evening piece in Baltimore. We're making it a family overnight holiday. Trains in the afternoon (B&O Museum), Friends in the evening.
At 1:31pm on 2nd mo. 19, 2010, Linda J. Wilk said…
Thanks Martin -- I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of you "Convergents" in person next month, so I can put a face to the blog! Will you be at the FWCC gathering as well?
At 4:20pm on 2nd mo. 6, 2010, Patricia Dallmann said…
Thanks so much, Martin, for welcoming me to this very fine site! There's so much here, and it has substance! I think that Lewis Benson would be pleased! I've written to American NFFers and suggested they explore the site and also saw that a couple of British workers are already members. Your offer to post the Wyoming gathering is much appreciated. One of us will try posting it, and if it's no go we'll get back to you for help. Thanks also for offering to put The Word Within on the Books page. Have a couple of things to do on that first - like get it back from the printer's and put it up on the NFF site. We should be ready by the end of the month. I'll be registering this week for the Pendle Hill workshop. Thanks again!

P.S. Oops! I left this comment for myself on my own quakerquaker page.
At 4:46pm on 1st mo. 27, 2010, Shannon Thomas said…
Thanks Martin. I am very interested to learn more and I hope to get out to Meeting soon!

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