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At 10:58am on 12th mo. 17, 2013, David Millar said…

Hi, I'm looking at various Quaker forums. Hope to start some Circles of Discernment on earthcare topics.

At 12:01am on 3rd mo. 21, 2013, Christopher Hatton said…

I had to smile when you mentioned sweet singing voice... I am a genuinely appalling singer, but I loved being in Turkana as well, and yes the children had a great impact on me. It was a good group, and I loved being with our tour guides (Eden, Simon, John and Gabriel).

The impact of being in Kenya,  continues to work through me, in fact as we approach a 1 year anniversary  it amazes me still, and I will write something for my blog.

I see that you have now retired to a new meeting in the city of Melbourne, I can imagine after a while at Stillwater, that is a new challenge.

Join the club in being actively in prayer and contemplation in the inner-city. With Blessings 

At 1:57pm on 2nd mo. 12, 2013, Chris Beauchamp said…

I love your profile. . . and wish you much peace and contentment on the journey in your retirement.


At 8:48am on 7th mo. 19, 2011, Deborah said…

Here is another link for a snood pattern for you,

Julie's Snood



At 11:33pm on 6th mo. 20, 2011, Shane Moad said…
Hi Helen, even if you could come for a day trip that would be great and we could see if other Friends were available to have a shared lunch with us. We have low attendance at meeting as many have moved out of town over the last few years but those who come I am sure would like to join with us if possible. If it is to hard for you to get all this way we are happy to come and meet you say, in Mundaring, as there are some nice spots to have lunch there.
If you want to write and offline email to me you can contact me through my web page which is www.shanemoad.com
At 4:03am on 6th mo. 20, 2011, Shane Moad said…
Hi Helen, we would love to catch up with you when you get to Perth. The only problem is we don't have a spare room to put you up in as both our children are home. There is the local hotel that David Eley stayed in when he was here and said he quite enjoyed it and the price was very reasonable. Let me know what you were considering and we will look into more for you.
At 3:34am on 4th mo. 21, 2011, Shane Moad said…
Helen, I met to say in my last post, if you want to contact me off Quaker Quaker it is possible through my web page that can be found on my page on this site. There is a "contact" link on there, feel free to contact when you feel like it........Shane
At 3:17am on 4th mo. 21, 2011, Shane Moad said…
Greetings Helen, I am glad you were able to finely track me down. It would be good to catch up if possible when you visit, we should keep in contact.
At 7:50am on 8th mo. 1, 2010, Enok Kippersund said…
An Autralian! So nice to learn there are quakers down under. I asked an Australian friend if she knew about quakers in Australia, and she never had heard about! Now I know! This means I welcome you, friendly.
At 8:47pm on 7th mo. 1, 2010, Raye said…
Hi, Helen, we met at OYM a year or two ago. I pray all is well out your way.
At 6:54pm on 7th mo. 1, 2010, Texas Friend said…
Hi Helen, no, I am not David E., but he and I are good friends and we belong to the same meeting. (So that was a pretty good guess!) Michael
At 9:39pm on 6th mo. 24, 2010, Stephen Golding said…
I do have horse traing but I my be able to get there at some stage
At 2:31am on 6th mo. 8, 2010, Miss Eagle said…
Thank you Helen. It would be good to see the progress. I'll take a rain check on your invitation to come and see. Please advise when a heatwave is predicted.

Re this site. It is a Ning format. I haven't checked out the tabs at the top - but a Ning format usually has an events tab which is great for inserting up-comng information. If none of the tabs have the event format, you might like to ask the site managers if they would consider adding it. The other possibility is to set up a page in the name of the Australian Quaker Centre (I have some lovely pictures to put up - but I'm sure you would have some already). I think an AQC page would also help to attract this international membership.

Blessings and bliss
At 8:27pm on 6th mo. 7, 2010, Miss Eagle said…
Hi Helen, great to see you here. Lovely pic. We have just had David and Trish Johnson down. David did a presentation on AQC I believe at the shared meal on Friday night at Friends House. I didn't get to it. Weather has been foul and my health is only just starting to turn a positive corner since the Sept 18 "event" at AQC. However, I saw them both on Sunday at Eastern Suburbs Local Meeting. First time I have seen Trish I think since the long ago when I was part of North Queensland Friends.

How are you managing things at AQC - do you still live there most of the time. This site looks like it might be an appropriate place to inform people about AQC and its operations.

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