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At 9:23am on 5th mo. 29, 2010, John George Archer said…

You are indeed busy.

And let me immediately send you a prayer of hope and renewal!

What a dynamic time you're having! On your path toward that Light of Lights.God Bless.

My thoughts are now with you,far distant though I may be.

...Ah, your practice. The paperwork alone must be daunting. But let me remind you to breath, and sooth you with the knowledge that your own caring attention to others won't go unseen, although it may seem that way all to often to our Helpers.

Until a time of less demands on your own ...my very warmest regards.
At 4:42am on 5th mo. 29, 2010, John George Archer said…
Hello Elizabeth,

Just wanted to see how the Pagan Psychologist was? Not sure how you've been.
I trust you are alive. Good. If not, I am beside myself.

We've been getting storms here on the North Coast of NSW in Australia. Waves crashing and people running for cover. But it's fun.

Warmest Regards.
At 11:43am on 5th mo. 21, 2010, John George Archer said…
Anyhow about that ‘Bio’ of mine: the best answer is the simplest and most truthful. So, I am an…

Anarchist since I like the equality of individual agreement; Quaker because I like the radical liberation of a focused connection with God through his son, Lord Jesus Christ; Anglican as I enjoy the radiance of traditionalist orthodoxy.

The endorsement of traditionalist orthodoxy was the single biggest hurdle in my spiritual, and so my actual life. It meant I had to swallow my pride and throw myself at my enemies. Go out to them. Leave the warm comfort of a friends meeting - the sky now limits the dome of my church. Its pillars stand firm in the common-dirt of unlimited liberation promised to humanity by the absolute love of Christ.

Perhaps this orthodoxy is best manifested by continuing the compassionate practice of beauty, customary ritual and loyal fellowship: that’s the orthodoxy I wish to preserve anyway. Elizabeth, I would very much like to know your own views here (in your most dour serious tone like me.) It’s like we’ve lost a kind of fraternal civility - that human stuff so often lacking today. New waves of modernism instead wash further and further up the old shoreline. But there’s always hope too.
Of course Elizabeth, as you may no doubt imagine, this line of dissent I have just woven for you attracts the scorn of many of my friends. And perhaps more embarrassingly (well, at least for some) rather amusing ‘fan mail’ comes my way from my more 'conservative' enemy! Thus general confusion is the norm.
I'm written off – not all together unfairly - as being from another 'parallel universe’, as one anonymous fellow has put it to me - and letting me know it in unbroken UPPERCASE type too. But it's all fun to me.

So let us say in conclusion that I practice 'Parallel Classical Foresight'! Now we’re square Elizabeth?

Post Script: Added a few more sundry pictures. Enjoy the Australian themes of passion for big sky, home and family.
At 11:09am on 5th mo. 21, 2010, John George Archer said…

Your praise is generous. And generosity should likewise be praised!

You're great: Pagan-Psychologist? Well Elizabeth, I am sure we need more of those.
As a Psychologist I hope you’re rather Jungian (incidentally, my own dreams are vivid.) Oh, as an aside, once upon a time, my selfish curiosity led me to one of those online personality tests. And let me tell Elizabeth, I had no personality. But seriously, I was accordingly termed an IFNJ. As you may have guessed, this ‘feeling intuitive’ nature puts my own cold rational plans to be a Theoretical Mathematician into some serious doubt!

Alas, I do talk of thy self. And so on to other matters. Regarding your Photo-Technology problem, I'm no Martin Kelley, but here it goes:
Digital Photography:
get yourself any old digital camera, buy a ‘41-in-1’ USB Card Reader from a Computer store, take a photo, remove the memory card from the camera, slot it into your new card reader, load the digital camera software on to your computer before doing this, plug in said card reader with your memory card already slotted into it, Plug it in by using one of the USB ports provided on the side or back of your hard-drive ( your excited/asleep aren't you? ) PLUG in plug with plug-like slot. BINGO. Your computer will read that there is something new plugged in and the computer prompts should let you just save to desktop. Once photos are actually saved, go to 'Quaker Quaker' website and 'add photo' on 'My Page'. DONE!

(Note: I speak Australian so this data may not translate as seamlessly as is my intent. So apologise with an ‘s’ rather than a ‘z’.)

...or you could just get one of your own brood to help 'Mom'. But I know that this can quickly lead to domestic ‘disturbances’, even amongst the pacifists. Oddly enough, I find it easier to transmit coherent instructions to parents like your good self rather than say - my own vigorous kin. Perhaps there is a sociological dissertation in this somewhere?
At 11:49pm on 5th mo. 19, 2010, John George Archer said…

Thanks for welcoming me - I like your turtle thumbnail picture. We have a few here in Nelson Bay.Incidently, I once saw that exact picture advertising Cairns in Queensland.
So Elizabeth, that's my sisters name, I found this site, goodness knows how, but I did so a few days ago. Let me tell you, I'm blown away by quality! Suppose I have both the members and Martin to thank for that?

I'm an Individual Quaker ( we all are I suppose) so I try and be 'out in the world' so to speak, especially amoung those who may seem to be my 'enemy'. No one knows what a Quaker is here, where I live, so I try and be on my best behaviour .

Thus 'Quaker Quaker' is all the more important for Australians like myself.

Thanks again Elizabeth.
At 6:01pm on 4th mo. 28, 2010, Lawrence Cullen Jones said…
As you can see from my picture (taken 8 yrs ago) I am not an adherent to strict plain dress. Nor, am I comfortable with fundamentalist Christianity. What I try to be is "plain from the inside out." At the core of my beliefs is what Wilmer Cooper wrote about as the "Testimony of Integrity in the Religious Society of Friends" (Pendle Hill pamphlet 296). Integrity (integration of all actions and thoughts) is at the core of Quaker beliefs. I probably will never achieve this, but it is my goal.
At 8:40am on 10th mo. 3, 2009, Peter Lawless said…
On reflection do you think I should view the funnel as my contact with YouTube?
At 5:27am on 10th mo. 3, 2009, Peter Lawless said…
By that I mean your love of wandering in the outdoors etc.
At 5:23am on 10th mo. 3, 2009, Peter Lawless said…
Well Elizabeth we learn something everyday don't we. The funnel, I feel, is an image of Friends and Meeting which came to me after I had got it to transfer olive oil from a large can to a bottle but then it came to me that it is a image of Quaker Meeting etc. in that we draw down from the greater experience and bring it together and it is therefore directed/focussed. It sense to make sense I feel - well to me at least in that moment then it was question of me portraying it.
It is laos down to me thinking about doing a turn in the Meeting House during this coming National Quaker Week and trying to draw from my own experience of Friends in order to answer possible question.
Love they way you use the image of the turtles in a somewhat similar way to reflect you and your interests.
In Friendship
At 12:14pm on 8th mo. 10, 2009, Contessa Miller said…
Hi Lizzy ............. I like turtles very much and love that photo of sea turtles that you posted with your profile here. I don't know Charlie E. by name, but might know him when I see him. This is why I did not respond to your invitation to join Quaker Quaker because I thought I was already here, but had not participated in a while.

I haven't been able to log into Facebook for a almost 2 weeks now; and, am tired of letting the powers that be at Facebook know about this problem. Perhaps Spirit is trying to tell me something. I haven't written an e-mail to friends/Friends' e-mail addresses yet telling them of the problem, but, if I can't log into Facebook by the end of this week, I will do so with those whose e-mail addresses I have and ask that they spread the word to the others. I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them.
At 10:33am on 6th mo. 14, 2009, Paula Puddephatt said…
BTW, love the turtle pic on your profile icon! :-)
At 10:32am on 6th mo. 14, 2009, Paula Puddephatt said…
Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for the message, and for the second message. Today, my Wall has re-appeared, and I was also able to access and accept your friendship request - must have been some sort of technical hitch yesterday!
Peace and blessings,
Paula. :-)
At 10:24am on 6th mo. 13, 2009, Paula Puddephatt said…
Hi! It said on my page that you had left a comment on my Wall, but I couldn't find it...Anyway, hope you're well.
Peace & blessings,
At 5:34am on 5th mo. 7, 2009, Algirdas Davidavicius said…
Thanks for Thy kind words, Friend :) I will post something more exhaustive on Friends in Lithuania a bit later, but now it suffices to say that here are very few of us and the Society here takes its first steps :)
At 9:10pm on 4th mo. 27, 2009, Scott Holloway said…
Hey Elizabeth-

I love your new profile 'logo'.

At 6:47pm on 2nd mo. 3, 2009, Martin Kelley said…
Hi Elizabeth: those were great questions you asked in the email that went out to group members. If you go to the OYB Quaker Group page and post them to the Discussion Forum (click on the link for "Start a Discussion") then we'd have a great place to talk about all this.
At 3:57pm on 11th mo. 23, 2008, Scott Holloway said…
Hello Elizabeth-

It is me, scott holloway. It said you were online and I thought I would say hello
At 3:25pm on 11th mo. 23, 2008, Brent Bill said…
This "friend" on a social network is all new to me, too. i know a leetle bit about facebook, but quakerquaker will be a "larnin'" experience as we say in Indiana... ;-)

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