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At 8:53pm on 9th mo. 28, 2013, Teri Bookless said…

I enjoy viewing your photos.  I am a member of Stillwater, but I live in Minnesota.  I miss Martha G. and Fran T. very much.  I haven't been back to visit for some time.

At 6:31pm on 1st mo. 18, 2013, Marian Bruffy said…

Greetings, dear Friend Isabel!

I am interested in being Friends with thee.

Hope all is well with thee.

I really appreciate the Laura Day Frill Cap and sometimes even wear it around the house because it's so pretty!


Peace and blessings to thee,

Thy waiting Friend in Christ,



At 12:40pm on 1st mo. 16, 2013, Hilda said…

Hello, dear Friend, Isabel!

Thank thee so kindly for accepting my invitation! :) My husband, Timothy, is tutoring me as I go along. I do not know very much at all about computers nor this site. :) Thank thee for noticing the cap. It took me a LONG time to make up my mind on that. I will see if Tim will help me load some pictures on my page as time affords, and that 1800s Slat Bonnet, in the light the picture was taken in, has a blueish grey hue to it. I do not wear either one of them too much, as I do not wish to get something so nice soiled!! :):)

Thank again, for thy comments and for accepting the invitation I sent to thee.

Blessings on thy day,


At 9:44am on 9th mo. 20, 2012, Jim Wilson said…

Friend Isabel:

Somehow my post 'Mis-Guided' got put up twice.  I have deleted the second copy, which is the one you posted to.  I have moved your comment, and responded, to the remaining 'Mis-Guided' thread.  Sorry about the confusion.

Thy Friend Jim

At 6:26am on 7th mo. 29, 2012, Timothy said…

Thank thee for thy comment on Hilda's post 'Quiet Time.' She really was touched and found solace in those sage words to thee. If thee has a chance, read her reply to thee in that discussion sometime.

Just thought thee should know. May thy First Day be filled with God's Presence and Love all around thee and thine.

Thy Friend and brother in Christ,


At 5:03pm on 7th mo. 23, 2012, Chris Beauchamp said…

I love your photos Isabel. .  They are so touching.   What a charming family you have. . 


At 10:40pm on 7th mo. 15, 2012, Timothy said…

Hello, Isabel!

I can laugh at the many absurd notions people conceive anymore. "You're the ones with the horse and wagons, aren't you?" To the which I reply, "I don't see a horse. Do you? There are many of them under the hood of our vehicle though." Yet one of the most interesting ones was a couple thought we were Italian, nothing else but Italian. I was puzzled about that one.

Thank thee for thy Friendship. My wife has appreciated speaking to thee and sending and receiving messages from thee. It has been encouraging to her, more than thou art aware of. She will fill thee in on what decision she has made later.

Holding thee in prayer.


At 8:25pm on 7th mo. 14, 2012, Zaley Warkentin said…

Hi Isabel!! Thanks for the add :) I'm very pleased to meet you!

At 11:56am on 6th mo. 10, 2012, Andres Omar Ayala said…

Thank you for your friendship. Greetings from Paraguay.

At 4:42pm on 2nd mo. 24, 2012, Marcie Tillett said…

Thank you Isabel. I will pray about it.


At 2:04pm on 2nd mo. 23, 2012, Marcie Tillett said…

Good afternoon, Isabel,

How nice of you to remember!

I actually have a new friend that is asking me to continue attending the civil war days with her. Do you think that it would be wrong to participate and dress in period quaker garments?


Thank you and have a wonderful day!


At 6:16pm on 2nd mo. 22, 2012, Marcie Tillett said…

Hello Isabel,

 I am honored to be your friend! Thank you!

You have helped me find my path with your website and your kind words. I don't know if you remember, but I emailed you a few months ago. Your website has given me courage and much information!

Thank you!

At 7:17pm on 2nd mo. 6, 2012, Emele W. said…

Thank you! I must say, you and your little girl are quite the pair. It must be difficult to keep up with her, all the growing little ones do with their wardrobes.

At 11:50pm on 2nd mo. 4, 2012, Jan Lyn Lewis said…

Hello Isabel,

I thank you for your friendship here and hope you and your loved ones are doing well.  It seems like yesterday that I inquired about BSFP with you and I now have only 3 months to go, Lord willing.  It has been a blessing in my life, though the more I learn the more I realize I have to learn.

Blessings and Peace,

Jan Lyn

At 12:02pm on 1st mo. 21, 2012, Betsy Packard said…

Isabel!   How are you this morning?  I understand Colorado has been getting quite a bit of the fluffy white stuff.   Here in KY, we're having an incredibly mild winter thus far, which is a huge relief from the last two.  However, we know we are far from "out of the woods" with Old Man Winter.  February can be brutal in these parts, but we're enjoying this while it lasts.   I got out and walked 2 miles yesterday.  


I just read an article this morning that upset me from an ethical standpoint.  The US Navy is planning to use DOLPHINS to find mines if Iran decides to block the Straits of Hormuz.  It's bad enough that we seem to "need" to kill others of our own species, but to drag in involuntary members of God's creation is just plain wrong.  I find it ironic that dolphins are known for their sophisticated diplomacy with one another.  Why aren't we learning about their diplomacy instead of USING them. 


Of course the reasoning is that we have got to get that oil through.  <sigh>   When are we going to get past this whole fossil fuel thing that is endangering our gift of creation?   Living in KY, coal, strip mining and mountain top removal are such huge issues, as well as the results of burning coal for electricity. 


The amazing thing is that we HAVE the technologies as well as the geniuses to be using alternatives to fossil fuels AND to apply robotics to find underwater mines if such should be necessary.  If robotics can be used for cardiac and neurosurgery, then surely they can be used to find mines.  And wind and solar power are here for us, just waiting to be used!  


I do get frustrated with humankind's resorting to violence and abuse of our planet.   Thanks for listening to me blow off a bit of steam on those 2 issues.  We just CAN'T really be considering war with Iran, but . . .   <sigh>   


peace & blessings,


At 3:40pm on 9th mo. 20, 2011, Pamela R. Myers said…


Thank thee so much for your welcome and sharing thy photos. Thee has given much to those of us who are seeking a deeper relationship with our Lord with thine website. It is a wonderful resource for all  who are journeying, Quaker or other denominations with leanings or is it "leadings" toward Friends Plainess & Simplicity.


Sr. Clare (Pamela)


At 5:55pm on 7th mo. 13, 2011, David Carl said…



My apologies, I only now noticed the "friend request" from you.  If you still want to discuss Christian Friends in liberal meetings I will be happy to have that conversation.



At 3:46pm on 1st mo. 27, 2011, Paula Deming said…

Dear Isabel,

There is no question about how we experience our own lives. Following/witnessing is indeed hard/challenging work. Exhausting and exhilirating, demanding, joyful. It requires the greatest of patience, discipline, and willingness to dwell in that Light every moment, with ear cocked to the slightest whisper from the Divine. This is our very real world, and in our world thee and I experience the reality of God, however imperfectly. But in the World, we are very strange and viewed as idealists, we who believe that people can listen to God for instruction instead of being merely base creatures. And to those who hear us but don't really listen, we are raving pollyannas.

In other words, idealism is in the eye of the beholder. I'd rather be an idealist than a realist, if being a realist is accepting the world strictly as it is. When I am reminded of Reality, that's when I become grumpy, stingy and annoyed--not what God has asked of me, certainly!

Isabel, I would take great pleasure in learning from thee and all the other Friends here. I've only recently become better acquainted with ideas of God within other strands of our Society, and this past summer and fall I had a wonderful email conversation with a conservative Friend on a more Christian version of Quakerism than the one I am familiar with. The email conversation ended sadly, with much misunderstanding, and I feel I have much to learn about talking with all kinds of Friends. I am earnest in my wish, looking to embrace my Conservative cousins as brothers and sisters in God.


Thine in the Light, Paula

At 1:23pm on 1st mo. 27, 2011, Paula Deming said…

Dear Isabel,


In re: thy note under Christian Outreach to Quaker seekers. There has been a similar recognition of wounded seekers bristling at "God talk" in the thread about "Why talking about God is rude." Perhaps thee would like to read that discussion too.


In a way, wouldn't thee say that our message of Love and our Christian ideals are idealistic and "Pollyannish" in this world? :)


I know of no way to resolve the problem of Friends bristling at each other. As thee says, we are talking about ideals but are merely human. All I can do is live in that Light and be as open-hearted as God calls me to be. If thee knows how we can bridge the gap between the ideal and reality, beyond following God, please share thy wisdom.


Thine faithfully in the Light, Paula

At 9:59am on 1st mo. 24, 2011, Paula Deming said…

Good morning, Isabel,


I am pleased to hear from thee! Thy blog has been of great help, as has thy participation in discussions here on QuakerQuaker.


Blessings, Paula



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