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At 4:00pm on 6th mo. 10, 2012, Allison Wolff said…

There's a lot of similarity between Haflingers and Fell Ponies.   Haflingers are great little ponies.  Lots of sense and a good work ethic.  My guy does not always share that, but he's focusing better the older he gets. 

Did you farm or log with your guys?

At 11:57am on 6th mo. 10, 2012, Andres Omar Ayala said…

Thank you William for your friendship. Greetings from Paraguay.

At 1:35am on 3rd mo. 30, 2012, Kim Palmer said…


Thanks for your words of encouragement. My relationship with the Lord continues to grow stronger and stronger through His help.

We attend East Whittier Friends ChurchWhittier CA which is very supportive of the experience of waiting worship. They have allowed me to facilitate a quarterly, hour or more-long period of waiting worship on Seventh Day mornings. These times of worship have been precious to me and to the 13-20 of us who have gathered in the Name of Christ. East Whittier Friends also incorporatea what they call "Open Worship" . . . a period of between 5-25 minutes of waiting worship (usually about 10-15 minutes) in their programmed worship. While not nearly as lengthy as I would prefer, it does offer the opportunity for the Lord to move in significant ways.

 I have have been gripped by the cross of Christ and the depth of His sacrifice for us for the last two years:

Beneath the cross of Jesus in awe I take my stand.

The shadow of Your mighty cross within a sin-filled land.

And as I gaze upon Your cross, two wonders I confess:

The wonders of redeeming love and my unworthiness.

Albeit, the above is a blending of ideas for the old hymn "Beneath the Cross of Jesus" but the words flow from my heart in adoration to Him.  

In addition, Wesley's words continue to resonate within me:


Long my imprisioned spirit lay, fast, bound by sin and nature's night.

Thine eye diffused a quickening ray; I woke, my dungeon flamed with light.

My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth and followed Thee

What started my far deeper level of appreciation of His cross was my  doctoral dissertation which was on how to teach the slaves' spirituals in the public school in a way that is allowable according to Supreme Court decisions. Central to that study was an examination of how Christ's cross permeated the slaves' understanding of who Jesus was and what He did for us all. Anyway, as I studied and bore (and bear) their texts and music in my heart, I cannot escape His great love and sacrifice for us.

I have missed seeing you at Ohio Yearly Meeting when I've been there for Yearly Meeting sessions. I trust this finds you and Darlene vibrantly living in His Light and Salvation. Your response would seem to indicate so.  

Because of Him,

Kim Palmer

At 12:24pm on 3rd mo. 24, 2012, Isayas Hailegiorgis said…

Thank you very much for your comment.

 the church is called eped.

 I just send it to you as I have it here. I am only here since last july, for eight months. is there  any thing more you want to know, please you are welcome.

This denomination was founded in 1960 by the army chaplain of the French troops stationed there. After independence and the official departure of the French troops, the buildings became the property of a commission related to the Federation of Protestant Churches. The DEFAP (mission department of the French Prot churches) took responsibility for this single parish, which developed a growing threefold activity: a) regular worship life and Bible school; b) running oflanguage and vocational schools; and c) refugee work, serving as local agent of the UNHCR. The church building is also used as a place of worship by Ethiopian and Malagasy Christian groups. The Protestant Church of Djibouti houses in its worship life Christians from various countries (Ethiopia, France, Zaire, Burundi, United States, etc.) as well as from various confessions (Reformed, Luth, Bapt, Advent, Mennonites, etc.). Church members normally stay in Djibouti for not more than two or three years.

Eglise Protestante Evangelique de Djibouti
(Druckversion | Datensatz korrigieren)

Protestant Church of Djibouti
P.O.Box 416, Bd. de la Republique
1981 Djibouti
Djibouti (Afrika)
Telefon:             +253 351-820      
Fax: +253 350-706
E-Mail: eped@intnet.dj
AdressNr.: 12165 / 1290

Informationen im Internet:

URL: http://membres.lycos.fr/missiondjibouti/
Sprachen des Internetauftritts: French

At 12:01pm on 10th mo. 27, 2011, Aaron J Levitt said…
Thanks very much for the kind words.  :)
At 5:37pm on 9th mo. 11, 2011, Pamela R. Myers said…
Thank thee so much for the welcome William.
At 9:38pm on 8th mo. 12, 2011, Sally Gillette said…

Thank you very much, William.  I'll look for these journals.  


At 1:36pm on 8th mo. 12, 2011, Sally Gillette said…

Greetings, William,

I haven't read the old journals except for John Woolman's and excerpts from George Fox's and a few others.  I've read some books that summarize various aspects of the journals. 


Can you recommend a good place for me to start? 


Thank you!


At 7:53am on 7th mo. 12, 2011, Martin Kelley said…
Thamks for your gentle reminders to fully caption our photos. There's enough here now that this has become something of an archive that might be of wider interest--but only if they have useful context. Hope all's well, love your profile photo! God bless, M
At 10:59am on 6th mo. 23, 2011, James C Schultz said…

no.  I wasn't aware of it.  I'll try to check it out.  I'll be at Powell House for the labor day weekend.  Check out my songs at www.geezers4jesus.com.

             Your Friend in Christ, Jim Schultz

At 10:31am on 6th mo. 14, 2011, William F Rushby said…
While we were waiting at Crown Point NY for the ferry to Vermont, one of my nieces caught us off guard with her camera.  She was in her parents' car in the next lane.  The element of surprise accounts for our amusement!
At 1:55pm on 3rd mo. 25, 2011, Inela Perú said…

muchas gracias, Amigos!

At 8:04pm on 11th mo. 19, 2010, Richard Robert Davis said…
Dear Mr.Rushby,
Sorry to get back to you so late,but I have not checked my page in quite sometime. Yes,I would appreciate any advice you could give me.
Thank you,
At 7:43pm on 11th mo. 3, 2010, Valera Pavlenko said…
Thank you
At 10:06pm on 8th mo. 30, 2010, Ron Czecholinski said…
I was involved with Family of Hope for several years. Who are you - don't recognize your profile :)

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