“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” –Galatians 6:2
“Every man shall bear his own burden.” --Galatians 6:5

These two teachings have been on my mind as my Catholic Worker community of Quakers holds its annual review/planning/discernment session. I'm trying to understand what I can and cannot do for other people and what I may and may not ask of them. The long version of this is on my blog at

Either here or there I'd be interested in hearing how you hold this balance.

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Comment by Rickey D. Whetstone on 1st mo. 13, 2010 at 10:17am
Hi Joanna:

Thank you for raising this question. I always try to look at the life of Christ . . . for any answer to an issue that might arise in our journey here on earth. And I do no wish to sound critical of anyone. I look at Paul as a man that can make mistakes. So . . . here goes . . . Jesus did not rescue John the Baptist from prison . . . the two blind men followed Jesus all day begging for healing and at the end of the day Jesus said to them "Your faith has made you whole."

So . . . what principle is being revealed? Jesus tells us the John 5:30 he does exactly as the father bids him. We have the ability to follow the voice of God all the time. However we have the freedom of our own choice . . . our freedom of choice speaks to us too much and too often. Herein lies the root of everyones problem. So . . . how does one solve this issue in our life?

Again Jesus and his life gives us the answer. Jesus doe not judge or form his own personal opinion of anyone. John 8:15-16 states "I judge no man." So . . . what spiritual principal is Jesus telling us?

Our house church . . . discovered this spiritual principle . . . while on a mission trip to another country. When we would walk into a church to speak to the people that we had never had any contact before . . . God would tells us things to do and say to the people that seems weird and far out there. However the people would tells us . . . who told you about my need? . . . who did you talk to that knew me? . . . This was a problem that only they thought they knew?

We call this spiritual principle . . . Walking in Neutral . . . we form no opinion of anyone, by our physical senses . . . smell . . . taste . . . touch . . . view . . . hearing . . . size . . . sex . . . age . . . stature . . . social position . . . religion . . . race . . . dress.

When ever a person "walks in neutral" they now . . . have the ability to hear clearly from . . . God. And God will tell you exactly the correct steps to take in every situation.

I hope . . . I was able to help.

Love and blessings



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