To be owned in the presence of God and the own the presence of God

The inshining presence of God and the birth of awareness and morality that is come out of outward political and religious conceptual and institutional forms and into immanent Presence itself in itself.

I am come into the presence of God and this presence is discovered and is discovering to me way of being wherein that inshining presence itself is sufficient in itself to anchor awareness and to guide and inform moral and ethical sense non-conceptually. Through the appearance of this Presence inshining upon me, it is the relative motion, movement, or impulse within me that is the foundation of my awareness and moral sense. I am come out of an awareness and moral sense that is based upon outside meditations or reflections of concepts or institutions, or the leaders who promote and foster them. A growing familiarity and identification with and participation in inshining Presence itself in itself is given birth to a different mind and heart than my old mind and heart that was formalist guided, informed, and anchored conceptually and institutionally through the process of participation in and identification with outward political and religious concepts and institutions.

This inshining appearance is become who I am and I am that which it is and I am come into owning that appearance in human being. To own immanent Presence is to own that which we all share. I own and I am come into a life that is independent of outward perceptions, sensations, thoughts, will, desire, and the five senses. I am come into a mind and heart this aware and lives even upon the death of the body. The reflections of the brain and body no longer anchor awareness and inform moral sense. I am come into the a life that is anchored in and informed by the relative impulses and motion of Presence itself itself as sufficient in itself. In this new life, the impulse of the inshining Light itself is the form of my awareness and is the form of my moral sense. The inshining Light itself in itself is my form as it is formed and is forming within me. The relative increase, decrease, or stasis of the inshining Light guides and informs moral and ethical sense. For example, when the inshining Light decreases or dims, it is an indication that a particular action is outside the Light and manifests a coming back into that process of being guided and informed by outward conceptual and institutional forms. This guidance through decreased impulse of the Light discovers (non-conceptually) the need to turn the mind and heart upon the inshining Light itself rather than outward formalities.

Awareness and moral sense are one and the same in the Light. As the inshining Light decreases relative to participation in and identification with a particular outward political and religious moral sense, so too does participation in and identification with awareness in the appearance of the inshining Light. This is the Life I am come into and own; through the appearance of the inshining Light upon my consciousness (awareness) and conscience (moral sense).

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