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Micah Bales: Being Publishers of Truth
Is the good news that Jesus can be personally known, loved and obeyed unique to British colonial cultures? God forbid! Our faith as Friends is rooted in the belief that Christ's presence and power is universal, transcending all national, linguistic and cultural boundaries. How, then, can we demonstrate the practical truth of our faith? How can we share this good, universal news of immediate relationship with Christ, both as individuals and as communities?

MaryKate Morse: How women plant churches
As a woman church planter did I bring anything unique to these church planting ventures? I’m hesitant to genderize leadership skills, so I’m reflecting on what I brought not as a woman but as a leader. You can make your own conclusions. Posted by Johan Maurer

Passionate and Determined Ashley on Clerking
Last week, I became presiding clerk of Freedom Friends Church. That wasn't a surprise.... I had been assistant presiding clerk for the previous year with the expectation that I would go on to be clerk, and no one had raised concerns.... But I wasn't expecting to clerk the business meeting in which I became clerk. Posted by Chris M

Brent Bill shares his "conditions for gospel ministry"
I have been feeling more and more led to adopt some new conditions (though that sounds harsher than I mean it) before I accept an invitation. Most of them have to do with my needing to both think about and practice what it means for me to be a Friends minister traveling in Gospel ministry.

Raye: Painting Quakers with too wide a brush
Sentences that begin with "Quakers do" or "Quakers believe" or similar, and then proceed to fill in with their observations are very likely painting with too wide a brush. Those who identify themselves as Quakers are a large and complex bunch of groups and individuals. I understand that trying to be precise in language can be cumbersome and frustrating. But it seems to me that going to the trouble of adding phrases such as, "in my experience," "Quakers I have met," "I read in an article by so-and-so," gives more integrity to the communication.

Deep Thought Michael: Jesus's peace
In a way, she said, her faith accused Jesus of not understanding humanity and telling us to do things that could never work. One day, she God opened to her that it was arrogance to say: “I understand humanity, but Jesus does not”. After this, she felt free to join with Friends. Posted by Alice M Yaxley

Joel Daniel: Why is the church working today?
But if you work for a (white) church** today, you’re probably at work. And this morning I have to ask, “Why?” Reverend King was one of our own. He was a Christian man who tried to connect his faith with his life in real, tangible ways and in the process ended up altering the course of an entire country along the way. He modeled what it looks like to radically “love your neighbor” and lead the way in a non-violent, Christ-like movement that righted injustices in a our country.

Michael Jay: The power of ordinary people
If we release and support all who feel God’s call into ministry, there is no limit to what God can do with us.

Helen Gibbs: - finding a way to do this as a modern Plain
I've always kept a version of modern plain, being someone who has short hair, very seldom wears makeup, having a relativly small range of clothes in my wardrobe. I am sensing a calling to start head-covering. My own meeting will ask why but not be overly concerned. My boyfriend who also dresses a version of modern plain and always wears a hat outside will see no issue. What I am struggling with is how I will deal with this in my work-life.

Cat Chapin-Bishop: Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters
My voice, from the extreme liberal fringes of the worldwide Quaker movement, counts for very little. That's all right. There are others who can say what I lack the skill or the standing to say. But I will put my trust in the Spirit behind the words of Amos--behind the words in Matthew, too: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

Charley Earp: The Vast Opportunity for Quaker Outreach to Christian Seekers
I have "discovered that the path I was following from a conventional Christian background towards a radical faith is still attracting lots of new young Christians... It is my hope that a renewed Christian Quakerism might also reach them. Especially in the case of Pentecostal or Charismatic Christians, Quakerism has a lot to offer."

Robin M: Non-violent Street Smarts
I know that there are Quakers with enormous experience in conflict resolution. I know Friends who have personally faced angry mobs, who have taught non-violent resistance around the world, and who are highly skilled in defusing dangerous situations. But as far as I can tell, they’re not teaching our young ..

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