The Quaker Hermit: Stuck indoors -- but still productive!

I had planned to play in the pool at physical therapy today, and then catch the bus out to St. Michael's Episcopal Church to hang out with fellow beaders. 

First, my physical therapist called and said they were having a problem with the pool, so I was rescheduled for tomorrow, but I also wasn't feeling "quite right" anyway, so I didn't mind the cancellation.  THEN a chronic medical issue decided to p ay a call, and leaving the apartment (other than to exercise The Girls) let alone riding a bus was out of the question.  It would be a stay-at-home day. 

I can't stand doing NOTHING.  I even knit on the bus and while waiting for the bus.  I knit in waiting rooms.  So I turned on NPR and pulled out the watercolors.  After producing a half-way decent picture of a Barn Owl in flight, I pulled out the plastic tub of beading supplies and made jewelry (for selling at The Bazaar at Limestone and Louden, where 40% of each sale supports the Lexington Rescue Mission, an incredible ministry to the poor and homeless here in Lexington, KY). 

There was also time for meditation which provided some helpful insights, but also left some struggles unresolved. 

I need to get to my plot in the community garden.  I need to get back to working on The Novel in Progress as well as getting back to working on my poetry.  I need to clean the kitchen.  And I definitely need to do laundry.  Just because one finds oneself in a solo status does not mean the demands of the world cease. 

My sojourn to Estill County to participate in my spirutual nurture group still haunts me.  I am a Country Mouse who is trying her very best to adjust to the requirement of becoming a City Mouse.  That trip into the edge of Appalachia just for a few hours refueled my spirit.  Kentucky is a beautiful place to live.  Even the quick visit with my friends' elderly equines felt restorative.  And they have some lovely old rose varieties growing in their yard.  "Calgon, take me away!"   It was better than having a bubble bath.  Land is very affordable there, but the cost of maintaining and fueling a vehicle is not.  I'd once again be an hour away from my doctors, from ANY doctors.  No city buses stopping in front of my apartment complex if I lived in Estill County. 

But oh, it would be such a wonderful spot for The Quaker Hermit.


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