The gospel of John ends with the writer noting that there weren't enough books in the world to record all that Jesus did during his ministry (John 21:35)  I believe that among those unrecorded acts was the following discussion between Jesus and one of the Apostles who because of the personal nature of the conversation will go unnamed:

Anonymous Disciple/Apostle: I don’t understand why Peter loves his wife so much.

Jesus: She’s attractive.

A D/A: She looks like all the other women.

Jesus: Do you think Peter is handsome?

A D/A: Not as handsome as James, He’s a hunk.

Jesus: Don’t you think it’s odd that you are attracted to men while most men are attracted to women?

A D/A: Sometimes, but it’s not like I can talk about it with someone. They would crucify me.

Jesus: Probably.

A D/A: Before I met you I used to obsess about men all the time. It drove me crazy. Now it’s just one of those things like admiring a sunset.

Jesus: You have been freed from a lot of the spirits that attack all men and women but you still have to deal with your hormones. Lust doesn’t control you any more but you still have to deal with how your physical body operates.

A D/A: What are hormones?

Jesus: That will take some time to explain. Let’s get everyone together and I’ll explain it to everyone at the same - WHO TOUCHED ME? I FELT POWER GO OUT OF ME! (What happened next can be found in Mark 5:31 and Luke 8:45 -  I'll look to see if I can find out if this conversation was picked up again.  Stay tuned.)

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