A friend of mine recorded this song that goes on about ghosts around the edges of the moon.  He does a very nice job.  On the surface it doesn't make much sense but the music and his voice touches the soul.  He's a very deep Christian who likes to mingle where the people are: subways, central park, occupy wall street gatherings and small cafes.  What comes out is sometimes hard to decipher and this song is certainly that but as I listened to it and reflected upon it the thought came to me that we are all moons.  The church is told it's the light of the world but we know that Jesus is the true light that came into the world but we are the moons to his sun, reflecting light from him for others that they might see in the darkness of night.  Once you get to that understanding the metaphors never stop:  Are we a full moon, half-moon or less?  Does the light we reflect vary daily depending on how clearly we see the sun, how close we are to Jesus ?  Is the earth blocking the amount of light that can be reflected, the material goals of our lives blocking the Love of God that wants to flow through us?

Those ghosts around our edges that aren't really what they seem, are they co-workers, the store clerk, the local panhandler, the policeman?  The people we see and come in contact with daily but who may as well be ghosts for all we know about them or let them into our lives.

And of course aren't we all clowns, disguising our true selves behind clothes and makeup that makes it impossible for anyone to recognize us as we travel in an unsuitable vessel towards what any sane person would think is an impossible destination?

Check John Myles and Ghosts around the edges out on Utube:


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