For all the mention, if not talk, of the mystical connection that Friends experience in worship, it's a practical curiosity(known today as "drama") that seems to motivate us.

Once heard, if not suggested, as a "concern", the matter is ripe for discussion, even prolonged scrutiny. It will be needed to consult and hear from all those with any idea or feeling for the issues at hand. Then, it may move from a particular hindrance(molehill) to a generalized dilemma(mountain). Finally, it will take on a life/significance of its own, not unlike a baby with colic.

The principle of physics that " a body in motion stays in motion" is translated as a principle for the busy body. "Marplot", by name, has now claimed our attention, if not our Meeting for Business, as "some blundering adventure, wherein he thought to show his friendship, as he calls it"("The Busy Body iii. 5).

If it is true that 'I have met the enemy and it is I', then instead of the Valiant Sixty, Quakerism today would benefit from the "Salient Sixty".

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Comment by Tony Smith on 7th mo. 24, 2013 at 4:47pm

Whether Friend or foe, the Meeting for Business is business. There is no room for those that are no longer guided by the Light from within but rather have taken on their own personal agenda. Perhaps the meddling Marplot should be sent packing to the next religious institution down the street.


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