The reports on the murder mission that keep coming out . . . are constantly changing.  It now seems . . . the chopper that malfunctioned and was destroyed . . . was a new secret weapon with stealth technology.  And the accounts of the slaughter are increasingly more and more gruesome and savage.    The news media now reports that no more information about the slaughter will be released to the public.  


This is a typical trait of any government of men . . . a government of men must kill it's enemies to keep on functioning.  If any government of men is to exist . . .  it has to kill to survive.   In fact killing is the beginning of  any birthing process of any government of men.  And killing is in the final days of any government of men when it is old and collapsing.


 In the History of man not one government has been birthed without any killing.

So why do we pray for any government of men to stay in power?  Do we think that the nature of the beast will change?  Any government of men that refuses to kill or act like God . . . will cease to exist.  So if you are praying for your government you are actually praying for it's demise.  






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