Monday, January 8, 2018

The Angel of Presence

The circumstance of life has found me in Central America and the Caribbean for a couple weeks. The coming out of a life guided and informed by outward perceptions, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and desires and into a life guided by the immanent Presence has discovered to me a ministry wherein the very act of holding in immanent divine Presence itself in itself while interacting with others is, in itself, ministration of the inshining Light. This ministration is not a talking about the Life but a direct living in it while interacting with other people. It is in the living of the Life itself immediately and immanently, while interacting, that is sacramental. The very act of holding to our immanent habitation in all interactions and in all circumstances is the ministration of the sacrament of immanent Presence upon the circumstance and interactions. In that ministration, I am immanent Presence and the motion and impulse of immanent Presence moves in and through the circumstance and relationships. This is the true baptism of and into a different and impartial Life wherein the motion and impulse of the angel of Presence breaks into interpersonal relationships and interactions.

Through the power of the appearance of the inshining Light upon our consciousness and conscience, we are all ministers and we all have a share in the ministration of immanent Presence through the very act of inviting or baptizing each and every interaction and circumstance into the impartial Life itself in itself. This is our ministration to each other.

When I read the apostle Paul’s words about “when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away,” this immanent sacramental experience of taking up habitation in and holding to this different way of being through personal intimacy in immanent Presence is increased. For the perfect is come and it is coming. And those of us who are come out of the partial, and into the impartial, which is the personal experience of the “passing away” of the ministration of the partial gifts of the Spirit and coming into direct ministration of the inshining Light in our consciousness and conscience without regard for apostles, teachers, miracles, healing, helping, administrating, and speaking in tongues. For those of us who are come out of the partial way of identification with and participation in outward civil and religious forms and administrations and who are coming into the different and impartial way, it is ours to baptize our relationships and circumstances in the impartial way of direct ministration of the sacrament of the Life itself in all moments, circumstances, interactions, and relationships. This is not to reduce the power and need of the gifts of the Spirit, for even Paul admonishes to cherish them, however, there are those of us who, through the appearance and impulse of immanent Presence upon our conscious and conscience, have experienced the passing away of the need for the outward ministration of the gifts of the Spirit and are come into a different way wherein we are coming into the perfect impartial life, and are witnessing the passing away of the partial.

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