Thankful for the Spirit’s leading out of political and relgious forms.

Thankful for the Spirit’s leading out of political and religious forms.

My heart is full of thankfulness for the appearance of the inshining Spirit upon my consciousness and conscience. Through this inward manifestation, it is discovered to me that I am come out of a conscience being guided and informed by outward political and religious ideologies, contrivances, and institutions. Through the hand and image of immanent Presence, it is discovered to me that I am come out of consciousness, meaning, and purpose, that is anchored in outward mirrors that reflect content back upon my mind that I “see” myself through those reflections. I am come out of the reflect nature and proclaim to the world, that is dependent upon the reflective process, that there is a different way that discovers an independence and liberty from the need to “see” through the reflections of outward political and religious ideological and institutional mirrors and imitations; meaning, purpose, and identity, is established in the direct and immediate experience of the inshining Light in my consciousness and conscience.

In this new Life, in the Life itself in itself, relationships are come out of reference to or reflection upon, outward political and religious forms and institutions. In this new, immediate, Life, we know a pure Love unmediated through outward political constructs and contrivances. This pure Love is political and religious iconoclasm; opening the hearts of human beings to a tenderness and love toward one another undiscovered in a consciousness and conscience anchored in and informed in and through the reflective nature.

The Life itself in itself is come, and is coming, into the history of humanity and transforms our relationships. It discovers unto us, and in our relationships a different way, wherein the process of identification with and participation in outward political and religious ideology, ceremony, contrivances, and institutions is replaced through direct and immediate and unreflected guidance of the inshining Light of the Spirit in our consciousness and conscience. This experience of the different way of ordering relationships in our conscience is the enthroning of the Christ upon his throne in the conscience which is the kingdom of Heaven which is come, and is coming, into the consciousness and conscience of human being.

To know the Life in itself guiding your conscience and anchoring your consciousness, you need only patiently wait upon its appearance or manifestation. There is no special context to witness or experience the second coming of the spirit of Christ in your conscience and relationships (the first coming was in the outward history of humanity and culminated at Golgotha).

Christ is come again, and is coming again. What grace there is in the appearance of the Life itself in itself; enthroned upon the conscience of men and women which is the Kingdom come on earth through the consciousness and conscience.

In thankfulness for coming out of relationships that is founded upon, guided and informed by, outward political and religious constructs, reflections, contrivances and a coming into consciousness and conscience and relationships guided and informed by the inshining Light of the Spirit itself itself. There is a new and different way of relating to one another.

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