Spiritual life along Oregon's coastal mountain range

In the Coastal Mountain Range

The other day I was wading in a stream that runs through a dingle nestled in the coastal mountains along Oregon's south coast. I was there to observe American Dippers as they gleaned food by diving beneath the surface of the stream. It was a cool and dark down in the dingle. Yet, the sun illuminated the top of the mountains as its bright light slowly descended down the face of the wooded ridge and filled the dampened dingle first with a tawniness intermingling yellow and tan hues of light and that gradually gave way to the brillant light of the sun's direct visage. During this transitional moment, I also became aware of a welcoming warm breeze drifting down into the dingle from from atop the sun-bathed ridge. The interplay between splashes of cool and warm air wafting over and around me was intoxicating and I was in a living dance with both forces. The events I experience in this mirrored world are often mere reflections or shadows of a spiritual reality playing out in the same moment which can be as tangible. There was a time in my life when the mirrored world was my only focus and I missed the spiritual reality playing out behind the shadows of the world. However, I am now in the living and immediate power and presence of the spirit of Christ and, in Christ's presence, am taken up habitation in heaven even as I am in the world of mirrors. I am in the dampened dingle and know the Son's presence everywhere around me and within me as the Light descends upon me and within me from the ridge top above and I am embraced by the warm spiritual breeze from the borders of heaven itself. I am thankful for the inheritance given me through the living Son. In this living and ever giving inheritance, I journey into the border lands of heaven and the holy nature drawn outside of the mirrored world in the reflective nature even as I walk in it.

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