Rediscovering the Teaching of George Fox: The Everlasting Gospel Preached by George Fox

Ye that have seen the everlasting gospel, and known the everlasting gospel preached again, which was among the apostles, and have been reaped out from among the apostates, got up since the apostles’ days; I say, live in it, and dwell in it; in which life and power ye see over to the apostles’ days (The Works of George Fox 7:268). 

"The Everlasting Gospel Preached by George Fox" is the second of ten lectures given by Lewis Benson in his lecture series Rediscovering the Teaching of George Fox, given at Moorestown (N.J.) Meeting in 1982. It is now available for reading and a link to the lecture can be found in an introduction on the New Foundation Fellowship website:

In this lecture, Benson identifies the heart of Fox's message: Christ Jesus is alive and present among us in a functional way through the inward exercise of his offices. "Christ is come to teach his people himself" is the shorthand version of Fox's message. It was the recovery of this gospel message, which had been lost since apostolic times that enabled the early Quaker missioners to preach the same message with the same power that had been known to the apostles.

With the recovery of the gospel, the power of God, Friends expected a new era in Christian history (one in which Christ is present, not absent), and this message drew many together into a people who received the living and present Christ as their prophet, priest, king, shepherd, and bishop. For as long as prophetic gospel ministers preached, the Quaker movement grew, for the gospel had power by which many who heard it were convinced and convicted. As the apostles were sent to teach and gather, so were the first Friends; both groups were commissioned and sent by the transcendent, living God. An excerpt from Edward Burrough's description of the Valiant 60's commission can be found in this lecture.  


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Comment by Patricia Dallmann on 11th mo. 10, 2016 at 10:50am

A worthwhile discussion is occurring on this topic at 

Please feel welcome to drop by and read the comments as well as Benson's lecture. Any who are members on the site might wish to join the discussion, too. And, if you're not a member, you might consider joining.


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