Rediscovering the Teaching of George Fox: The Relation of Fox's Message to the Bible (lecture three)

In Fox’s teaching, however, the prophetic office of Christ becomes no less important than his priestly and kingly functions, and this shift of emphasis brings about a Copernican revolution in our understanding of who Jesus Christ is and how he saves people. ("The Relation of Fox's Message to the Bible" by Lewis Benson)

Since apostolic times, many differing Christologies have been presented by institutions and reformers, and various gospels have been preached. George Fox, however, recovered the primitive Christian witness with its emphasis on the prophetic office of Christ. In the third of his lectures given at Moorestown (N.J.) meetinghouse in 1982, Lewis Benson credits Fox with rediscovering this ancient, apostolic testimony and then goes on to examine its basis in Old Testament promises; prophecies; and figures, types, and shadows.

Friends distinctive doctrines of perfection and continuing revelation trace their origin to Fox's recovery of the everlasting gospel of Christ as the prophet who speaks to us from heaven, which Benson affirms in the following statement from this lecture:

 When [Fox] preached that “Christ has come to teach his people himself,” he was proclaiming that Christ is the expected “prophet like Moses” who is able to teach us what is right and what is wrong, and to give us the power to do the right and reject the wrong. He is able to save us from sin, and not, as the Calvinists maintain, unable to do more than save us from its consequences.

This third lecture, "The Relation of Fox's Message to the Bible," can be accessed at through the "Resources" tab or through Ellis Hein's introduction.


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