QuakerQuaker This Week, 2/16/2012

The most interesting conversations this week have been generated by Maggie Harrison's controversial broadside “YOU ARE NOT A QUAKER (so please stop calling yourself one).” Jon Watts has compiled some of the best responses in a Quaker Bloggers Respond wrap-up that's well worth reading.


This Week's Editor Picks:

  • My intention in worship is to become aware of God and maybe I won’t be able to do so as centeredly, weightily or consistently as other Friends, but I will do it in my way, the way God made me to be, and it will be good. Robin M
  • I would like to close by pointing out that Quakers thought of themselves as 'primitive Christianity revived.' And there is a lot of truth to that view. But in some ways I think Quakers may have, at times, thrown the baby out with the bathwater. There is a lot of evidence for communion going all the way back to the very earliest Christian communities. quaker community friendsjournal
  • The Australian Friend is now online at AustralianFriend.org, as AYM agreed during Yearly Meeting in January 2012 in Perth. quaker australia books
  • Quarterly meetings were one of our greatest tools for building the Society of Friends; they can also be one of our greatest tools for re-building it as well. qq quaker indianaym quaker.christianity quaker.evangelical quaker.fum
  • Patricia Barber: Will the Real Quakers Stand Up? Not All at Once, Please. A
    For almost 200 years, we've been squabbling about who the real Quakers are. We've all headed off in high dudgeon to our various fortresses, currently named FGC, FUM, EFI and (Conservative), from which we occasionally sally forth to mingle with Them. quaker
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