My husband let me sleep in a little this morning and I rose at 8:15 out of an amazing dream.

He handed me some coffee and I said "let me tell you the dream I had."


I saw a great wave that could only have been a Tsunami and it was coming from the west.  I heard It will affect  Hawaii and that it is under alert and that it could also affect the west coast of the United States.

I saw in the dream villages, that looked of dirt, or more primitive dried brick, some connected together.  I saw people huddled here and there and I heard the words.

There is just no way to get them, no way to help them. 

A great rush of water came as though a huge dam had broken and just washed everything away.


After that I heard the word Bolivia.


My husband looked at me amazed and turned the computer he had on in the kitchen towards me.

And there was the news of the earthquake in Japan, the tsunami, the expectation that it will affect Hawaii, and possible affects on western us.   




The last word Bolivia I can only expect will be the next devastated place and I feel it may be an earthquake, time will tell.

:P.S.- Readers may want to notice the time stamp on this post it is 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

You see in the post that I wrote about Hawaii.

The Tsunami hit Hawaii at 11:30 local time.

4:30 Eastern Standard time.

Approx. I wrote about it here 8 hours before it actually happened and having no knowledge of the news.

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Comment by Rickey D. Whetstone on 3rd mo. 13, 2011 at 11:20am


You are doing great.

Information from God is given to us . . . and we then  . . . have many roads to travel with this information.  However . . .  when we spend time with God . . . as our teacher . . . or as Jesus said . . . father.   A son does nothing  on his own . . . he only does . . .  what he sees his father "DOING."


I was born in a culture that taught me . . . that I could manipulate God into doing what I wanted.  And if my prayer was not answered . . . I was asking with the wrong heart. 


I have now learned that my culture was 100% wrong.  I go to prayer to receive instructions on what to do that day.  I never tell God what to do.


 God is the creator of the universe.  He does not need my instructions . . . or anyone's.    God loves and cares more for everything,  that he has created in the universe and  I don't love like God loves.   


Events may happen on earth or heaven . . . that appear to our eyes as wrong or horrible.    You can rest assured that God knows and has a wonderful plan for everyone.    We need to trust  God and not our knee jerk reactions. 

Comment by Debrah on 3rd mo. 16, 2011 at 8:43pm

I agree Rickey,

It is that intimate relationship and concentrated time spent waiting and listening that helps us to develop more and more to be like our father and do only what we see him doing.  We should not get all excited about the gifts he gives just for the gifts sake, that would be like greedy children knocking down their father when he got home to run through his pockets.

No, in our relationship, it is love. The connection between God and ourselves through the Holy Spirit. And while we are enjoying Him for His own sake He says, "Here, look what I have for you." and presents us with a gift. Then he says, "Now, off with you and share this gift with the other children."

In fact I place more weight on developing the 9 fruits of the Spirit before worrying about the 9 gifts of the Spirit.  Because, when we concentrate on developing the fruits of the Spirit within us then we are developing the character of Christ within ourselves.


Also, it is the fruits of the Spirit that ensure that the gifts are imparted to others through us in a Christlike manner.  For instance, if during prayer for someone we get a word of knowledge about a clear addiction which they have in their life, if the fruits of the spirit are grown to the same degree as the gifts, then we can give a word and pray with Love, gentleness, self control not exposing them in anyway but in kindness that healing may be imparted.

The Lord had given me a clear example of this balance many years ago. 


A precious gift,  a crystal vase , was placed in a cardboard box.  It was not wrapped with bubble wrap or cared for in a proper way for it to travel by mail.  I saw the box thrown around by workers, then bounced onto roller ramps, then thrown into a delivery truck, and bumped all the way to it's final destination. At last, this gift was dumped on the front porch of it's intended recipient. 

When they opened it, not only was it completely destroyed there was potential for damage to the receiver.

The Lord told me that we are His delivery system in the earth and a gift, weather it be a word of prophesy, a healing gift etc. if not delivered in the corrected manner (character of Christ, fruits of the spirit).  Then not only could the gift, message, whatever be damaged, but it could also cause harm.


After He spoke this to me, I noticed much more love for the person pouring through me, and more care in the delivery of what God was trying to impart to them, through me.

Peace and blessings


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