Pictures, commentary, expanding links--but your support is needed

I'm not sure how many people have noticed some major changes on the QuakerQuaker site over the last month or so.

Editors' Picks: The links to Quaker articles across the internet now come with handsome pictures. Even better, there's add context and commentary for each entry. I'm hoping this makes these more accessible to newcomers and helps engender more dialogue among Friends. I've been watching the great community and conversation on hybrid journalism/blog sites like  The Dish and want to encourage this kind of thoughtful exchange among Friends and new seekers. 

Expanding the Links: The editorial niche of QuakerQuaker has always been a certain kind of conversation: exploring the roots of our ideals and practices in an explicitly Quaker way. This niche has helped create a community that Friends from across our theological and political spectrum, but there's always been lots of great news items and reflections that don't fit. Over the past few months, we've been sharing more and more of these links and inspiring snippets. Recent examples include:

#RT Lovely #Quaker Quest last night, tho we still don't know what God is. Join us next week: Simplicity & Sustainability.

RT @ESRQuaker Learn more about ESR's work in the area of #Quaker #Leadership in the latest issue of New York YM's Spark newsletter: ..

#RT A wolf in wolf’s clothing: Reviving the ‘#religiousliberty’ to hang #Quakers in Boston Common 

#From @WoodbrookUK: No.3 of Ben Pink Dandelion #Quaker Study series: End of the World, Beginning of Quakerism...

We expect to be doing more of these. And as you see, many of these are directly supporting the Quaker organizations we love!

But: donations have been down some over the past six months. There are times--too many times--where the monthly bill comes due and I'm paying it myself. With a slew kids, I don't have much extra money to do this. I don't expect to make money on QuakerQuaker, but I do hope that the basic expenses are covered. 

Please consider giving what you can as a one-time gift or (if you can) sign up for monthly support. Every bit helps toward the expenses!

The more funds we get in, the more we can share the wonderful story of modern Friends with the world. There are a lot of outreach possibilities (for example, advertising on media like Facebook) with the current very modest budget. So please do help out. Thanks!

If you have any ideas of more ways QuakerQuaker can support the larger conversation, feel free to drop me a line at

In Friendship,
Martin Kelley
QuakerQuaker publisher


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