Pete Moss and Random Hazard meet the missionary.

It was very hot and humid with no breeze. Pete Moss and Random Hazard were in a very small hut which a local villager had transformed into a bar like establishment. Pete and Random were excited over the day’s events. Early in the morning they had climbed into a giant Bullet Tree, near the Central American village, that grew along a lagoon.

They were interested in the mini eco-systems anchored by the epiphytes that grew on the huge branches of the Bullet Tree. Specifically, orchids were of special interest. But it was not just about the orchids it was about the variety of life these epiphyte communities supported.

Random asked:; “Did you see that Blue-gray Tanager working the Black Orchids?”
”Yes!” Pete proclaimed.
“I almost lost my witness when it first came into my view.” Pete further added.

This is the way it went with them. Since the immanent appearance of the face of God, the thing itself behind the appearances was ever present and they were ever watchful against the enchantment of outward appearances over against the immanent face of God.

An event happened a few years earlier wherein the fullness of the face of God was revealed to many people of the world.

The day wherein “The perfect is come and is coming and the partial is past,” happened to millions of people. The resulting political, religious, economic, and social tremors was still being felt all over the world.

Millions of people lived and had their being in the “the drift,” the water. They no longer lived in and upon the ice formations of life. Millions and millions more still needed the hardened waters of life and only glimpsed the liquid nature through the lens of glassy ice.

“It is so surreal to see inherently in the face of God rather than than to see through the face of nature.” Random said.

“The Life itself is no longer saved in the appearances.” said Pete
“We no longer see ourselves through the reflections of the senses.” Pete further proclaimed.

Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the old wooden table next to them. The missionary sitting next to them had had enough. He’d been listening in on there evening conversations for the past two days and just could not hear anymore of it without interjecting:

“For now we see in a glass darkly!!!” he exclaimed loudly.

Random leaned into the missionary’s space next to them and said; “For many of us the partial has fallen away and the mirrors have been smashed in and through the appearance of the life itself. The perfect is come and it is coming. The glasses have been removed and we know in full. We know the face of God in ourselves and we are know even as we are fully known.”

“We can only know in partial in this life!” the missionary yelled as sweat dripped from his forehead.

“It is you, by your own admission, that can only know in part,” whispered Pete.
“‘We’ are no longer limited by the admitted partial professions of religious and political leaders,” whispered Random.
”Some of us, by our own admission, are come into a different way and it is discovered to us through the immanent appearance of the Life itself in itself that we live, sustain, and have our being in the immanent experience of the face of God,” whispered Pete.

“You make yourselves God,” the missionary yelled.
“Do not listen to them. Take no notice of their dark and blasphemous words,” he said to the rest of those in the hut.

The church of the mission was next the to the Bullet Tree. Actually, the branches of the tree shaded the church building. The next morning,Sunday, Pete and Random were in the tree amongst the epiphytes. The missionary was in the church building proclaiming against Pete and Random.

“True it is that there are many who do not know in full and who are coming into then fullness. However, it is the religious powers and principalities and teachers and leaders who so often cannot abide those who are are come out of the partial way and who see the face of God and their new selves directly without the mirrors of the reflective nature.” said Random.

“There are those religious leaders who admit they do not know in full and assert no one can witness in perfect fullness the face of God in the conscience of men and women. They refuse to admit even the possibility that through the appearance of the Life itself in the conscience of people, there are those who are come out out of the partial and into fullness. There are those in the church who need that missionary and his message. However, he is a hinderance to many who are coming out identification with and participation in outward forms.” said Pete.

As Pete and Random fellowshipped together, two people were come out of the church and climbed into the branches with them. Below the missionary condemned them for coming out of the church. Pete and Random greeted them in the Light and immanent Presence manifested in their gathering and each were nurtured in the Life itself.

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