Another round of stream of consciousness! I think I wrote this one in the beginning of August. I'm feeling MUCH less conflicted now.



Emerging Thoughts: “Even Jesus went to learn from the Druids”; the Celtic lands have been Christian for at least 1000 years, so is it really so odd that I feel compelled to towards it now? Would it not be part of our communal identity just as much as the Old Faith was and still is? And at the very core are the two faiths really that different? Taking into consideration of course how Man has perverted the teachings of Christ over the last 2000 years. Jesus was sacrificed on the cross for the greater good of humanity as far as the teachings go, but it’s roots go much farther back, Odin was crucified and gave up an eye to gain knowledge. So Jesus would be yet another interpretation of “sacrifice for knowledge and the greater good of us all”. In the Gnostic Gospels it was Mary Magdalene that Jesus originally left the emerging truth too, and is she not a red headed, strong, and independent woman? Is she so different from the Mother that has been speaking to me for many years now? These thoughts terrify me, with my long seated distrust of Christianity and the modern Church. But I must remember the things my Grandmother Laidlaw taught me, that He is always with me, that He will take care of me if I let him, that I will not find him in a church but in the goodness of my fellow humans, in my charity and kindness to others, in the good earth and the green things that grow there, the miracle of birth and the blessing of death(on this point my Lady is the gatekeeper, the ruler of life, death, and rebirth, the personification of my inner strength and female wisdom and power, but perhaps Jesus is like the comforting friend who holds your hand as you pass through the Veil at the end of your days, everyone's Anam Cara, everyone's “Soul Friend”. Another thought to consider, taking into consideration that yes there was a danger in believing the Old Ways when the Lands were being converted, but perhaps it is good to think on why the Celts embraced Christianity so fervently.

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