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Hi everyone,

It's been a busy summer here on QuakerQuaker despite my new job at that some other Quaker magazine. Here's some of the innovation we have these past few months:

  • Podcasts: in the Spring we were approached by a couple of podcasters who wanted to host their shows on QuakerQuaker. It took a lot of under-the-hood plumbing, but were happy to have everything all rigged up. First up: Madeline Schaeffer's Friend Speak My Mind interview series: George Lakey, Jeanne Burns, Christopher Densmore, even Stephen Dotson and myself for one show! You can sign up for all the podcasts on iTunes or with your favorite alternative podcast app using the generic podcast feed.
  • New Design: yes, QuakerQuaker's been given an overhaul. The homepage is cleaner, more modern, and easier to navigate. Check it out.
  • Better Facebook Integration. We know a lot of you follow us on Facebook. Articles are now being cross-posted there in a more automated, timely way. And discussions that start on QuakerQuaker will get an automatic nod on Facebook. We're still available on Twitter of course and have the most complete (and ever growing) list of Friends on Twitter!

Please Donate

All this takes time and effort. Donations have been relatively quiet over this period. QuakerQuaker still has hundreds of dollars of expenses every year. If you can please consider giving a dog-days of summer donation (or winter for our down-under Friends). You can find our Paypal donation form at:


As always, the biggest gift you can give is your participation. We'll be hitting the 2000-member mark shortly and get over 8000 visits a month. Please spread the word!

In peace & Friendship,

Martin Kelley

Publisher of QuakerQuaker


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Comment by Pat Pope on 8th mo. 18, 2011 at 9:37pm
If I prefer not to use PayPal, what's an alternate way to donate?


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