US citizens are looking to Washington, DC for "gun control" apparently forgetting this is the world's hub for arms dealing and war planning

"Gun control" is not the name of that city's main business.

[ Moving the US capital around, rotating its location, more like the Olympics, might be a way to hold the nation together, but these days it's looking more like eleven (nations that is). ]

To Washington's credit, the Pentagon's especially, some very clever media campaigns have gone down of late. 

For example, you might think women would object to being conscripted into the army for Endless Wars and stop this war plan from happening.

Muhammad Ali raised the very cogent objection that he saw no reason to fight for an oppressor of his people, against Vietnamese who'd done him no harm. 

Would women share that same attitude when push came to shove?

Nope, the fix is in.  Women are now equally free to die gloriously in combat, and when the call comes (as it no doubt will), women of conscience will need to face the prospect of prison, just like the guys. 

Stock owners in private prisons are maybe bullish about their prospects?

Should Quakers expect more women of conscience to swell their ranks?

That's an impressive feat to pull off, with a little help from public radio. The guys were just starting to figure out "war is a racket" thanks to career insiders such as Smedley Butler (of Quaker heritage). 

But now, with women in harm's way, the psychology of protecting one's own will make Endless War even more of a spin doctor's wet dream come true. From an Equal Rights Amendment (never passed) to an Equal Right to Die in Endless Wars, that's the trajectory of American feminism.

President Obama's visit to Japan was interesting in that he said nothing about the hibakusha in the Marshall Islands. 

After Japan had surrendered, DC decided to nuke Pacific Islanders just to see if their skin would fall off or something interesting.  Lots of fascinating cancers!  These Mengele-style experiments were public knowledge.  Conscripted military got to serve as guinea pigs too.

Captain Albert Bigelow, a Quaker, resigned his navy commission on the brink of retirement, forsaking benefits, and tried to sail his Golden Rule into international waters, to the Marshall Islands.   Bigelow well understood DC no longer represented the America he'd loved. He went to jail.

The Business Plot (which Smedley had exposed in FDR's day) had by now succeeded, and the military-industrial complex was in the driver's seat.  We've seen wars ever since, in the name of the American people (a convenient cover not to mention a tax dollar bonanza).

The fascists had won apparently.  That's not what they teach us in school of course, but you know how that goes right?  We study our Howard Zinn and all that, trying to sort out how we became a conquered people.

Another media campaign I'm impressed by is Common Core.  Supposedly in the interests of leveling the playing field, we have a Common Core Math that is quite deliberately unfriendly to computer science. 

Just stick to base 10!

The goal there was to keep the vast majority of Americans from really understanding how their basic infrastructure works, as it all depends on hex numbers

The elite would get all that in the expensive private schools, like at Phillips Andover.  The masses would get stuck with the pabulum.

Again, the fix was in.  Common Core will solidify the digital divide, walling out the 99%.  People will be so uneducated (as in "easy to control") that Endless War will be easy. 

Disposing of "excess population" will be a cinch.  They'll die gloriously in battle.

So congratulations Washington.  For a fascist power, you're pretty dang smart.

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