Mark Wutka Shares His Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey (part one). Mark shares his travels from pentecostalism to Friends, with Belief-o-Matic to a tauferbard. "So, in fall of 2002, I took this test online called the Belief-o-matic, and it asks you all these questions about what you believe, and for some of those it asks you to rank how important is this, cause for some people the bodily resurrection of Jesus - you have to believe that, and for other people.. there's just different varieties. And so, when I took the test it popped up 'Liberal Quaker', number one. And I'm thinking 'Quaker?!' I didn't know anything about Quakers.. nothing. So I started reading about it, and I said 'Wow! This sounds exactly like me!' So, I screwed up my courage, and in November of 2002 - six years ago, I came to meeting." See also: parts 2, 3 and 4.

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