What is the Source of Truth?

From where does it come? Within? Or without?

Are we an expression of something greater than ourselves?

Are we a reflection of a higher power?

Is all of creation an expression of the creativity of the Artist?

Are we created in the image of the Creator?

If so, then could it be that being created in the image, an expression of God, means that the truth is implanted within along with that image of the creator; the Source of truth?

So then, how do we seek the truth? How do we figure out what is true in life?

Through external discrimination of truth?

Or through internal discernment of truth?

Often, in the name if truth-seeking, we are taught by society, philosophy, or religion to discriminate against people that we label as wrong or evil. We are taught to judge, predetermining (pre-judging) the truth of the words of a person before they are even spoken. Through prejudice (pre-judging) we close our minds to the possibility of truth coming from certain places?

And why?

Because someone said so?

Because someone’s system of truth contradicts what I’m told is true?

Because they contradict my political ideologies?

Because that human being is a republican?

Because that human being is a democrat?

Because that human being makes me uncomfortable?

Because that human being is poor?

Because that human being is disabled?

Because that human being is a foreigner?

Because that human being is Buddhist?

Because that human being is Catholic?

Because that human being is Islamic?

Because that human being is sick?

Because that human being has leprosy?

Because that human being has aides?

Because that human being is gay?

Is it possible that by discriminating out people as potential sources of truth, we are deciding where truth can come from?

Is it possible that the Source of truth decides where truth comes from? Not us?

Is it possible that we are simply discriminating against people and missing the truth?

Is it possible that what you think is truth is only external opinions?

Because truth is not external. It lives within.

Maybe, rather than discriminating against people, we should learn to discern the truth. We’ve been taught by religious systems that our way is right and THEY are wrong. Do we really believe, down deep, that we can define truth? And that everyone else is wrong? Or should we learn to listen? Take it all in and allow truth to be discerned through our Inner Light by listening to that still, small voice?

Could it be that only by listening that we can find the truth?

Could it be that, like the wind, the truth goes wherever it will? And speaks through all of creation?

Could it be that we will find truth, only if we seek it with our whole heart?

And only if we give the truth the ultimate authority in our lives?

That means we have to “bother” to care enough to seek it with our whole being.

That means we must step out of our comfort zone of sameness and like-mindedness to face disruptive and diverse thinking.

Maybe this is the beginning of discernment of the truth:

Open eyes

Open ears



Being present in each moment

Listening to all

Watching all

Seeing the image of God in every person

Seeking with all of our hearts . . . a glimpse of truth


Through open minds we take it into our open hearts


And we hold it there in our Inner Light allowing Light to expose the truth


Keeping an open will to accept truth from wherever it may come

Then we rejoice in its discovery and live it moment by moment.

Giving thanks for the transformation and the freedom each bit of truth brings to our lives.

When the heart is closed,

truth only hits with a dull thud;

knocking at a closed door.

And when truth rings true,

it resonates in the hearts of all

that are also open and seeking with all of their hearts.