Lay down all outward weapons of war ... physical and ideological.

Lay down outward ideological weapons as you lay laid down outward hardware of war. Stop ideological warfare nurtured in the nursery of the outward political, religious, social, and economic, powers and principles of this world.

Christ is come again into this world, inshining into our conscious and conscience. This inshining is an unwinding from a conscious anchored in and a conscience informed around the orbits of outward religious, political, social, and economic, ideological constructs like Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism and respective identification with individualism, self-governance, community, outwardly imposed notions of duty, etc. All of these ways are outside direct guidance of the inflowing Christ in the second covenant through death, resurrection, and the inshining Pentecostal event. Jesus Christ is here now and in all moments shining into our conscious and conscious. This inshining perpetual event breaks the orbit of human being around any and all outward planets and plantations. The revolution of Christ, who is come, is the inshining event, the second coming of Jesus Christ. In this coming, human being is free from the process of being that orbits or revolves around any outward political, religious, social, or economic forms, structures, or constructs.

In the inshining that is come, there is no outward form and therefore no orbit around which to revolve. Orbiting around outward forms is no longer needful or valuable. The revolution of this inshining event that is come, is not that we orbit around one particular outward planetary ideological construct like Capitalism and reject another, but that, through the power of the Inshining itself in itself in the conscious and conscience, we take orbit around no outward political, religious, social, or economic form (for example, Capitalist or Socialist) at all or those who profess and prescribe those forms.

In this pentecostal inshining, we not only withdraw from and lay down physical outward weapons; we also are given the strength and power to lay down and withdraw from the outward political, religious, social, and economic, weapons of ideological warfare and imposition upon the conscious and conscience of men and women. The act of being inshined is the direct and unmediated experience of withdrawing from both the outward physical warfare and outward political, religious, social and economic, ideological warfare without regard any ideological orbits.

The Spirit of Jesus Christ shining into the conscious and conscience is peace through the withdraw of outward physical and ideological warfare. The revolution of the inshining Light is the withdraw from human being bound to revolving itself and into the direct experience itself in itself of unwinding and breaking free from all outward orbits gathered in the gravity of outward ideological planetary forms and into direct inshining itself in itself.

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