The majority of the people that live in Western Culture, have no idea of their spiritual roots, or as others would use the term, spiritual history.

How did your ancestors come to know Christ?

What events happen in the past . . . that brought you the Good News?

The Good News . . . conquered the Roman Empire with out a physical war of swords and arrows.

The Roman Empire was brought the Good News by a half breed named Paul, half Jew, half Roman.

The twelve Apostles were soooooo . . . stuck in their culture . . . they ignored the instructions of Jesus to go to all the world. Instead they wallowed in their culture . . . failing to achieve to their maximum potential.

And hence forth . . . you heard the gospel, because the early church members, obeyed the instructions of Jesus.

They did not kill or attack their enemy "Saul." By not attacking their enemy . . . the early church members used their spiritual maturity . . . and they . . . simply died . . . not resisting . . . not making a public fuss . . . not demonstrating in public . . . no petitions . . . . no public rallies . . . just giving their lives . . . silently . . . to tap into the wonderful glorious power of God.

Paul reminds the Jews in Rome of this in Romans 8:36 For thy sake, we are slaughtered all day long; we are considered as sheep going to slaughter.

For your benefit . . . they died . . . some . . . never seeing their grandchildren, they died . . . whole families wiped out . . . dying . . . just like Jesus did . . . no fuss . . . trusting in their Creator . . . to change the culture . . . for thy sake.

Isaiah 42:2-3 best describes Jesus, and how we are to live and to die. "He shall not cry or lift up his voice in the streets a bruised reed shall he not break the smoking flax he shall not quench."

On God's great reward day. The day on which each individual will be rewarded by God, and everyone else will be able to observe that person's life . . . and how they gave their life . . . so we could hear the Gospel. We will be sooooooo appreciative of them and how they gave up sooooooo much for thy sake. They will be crowned heroes by God.

The spirit of freedom, the spirit of liberty, and the spirit of individuals rights has robbed the American people of their rightful position in the Kingdom of God.

My plan is to get you to . . . fall in love with God. He has a Wonderful Plan for you.

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