Growing into Goodness,- Taking a Closer Walk with Thee.

In my gathering of acceptable terms and conditions that came together in my family of over three generations, the thought that stayed alive with me is if I have a Quaker education or not, and who will be there to plant the seeds of truth, wisdom and social justice in my kinships to family and friends. The Bible says that the will of Jesus  for us as his disciples is basically to congregate, and to come together as a world that belongs to him, to seek his good intention, and discuss amongst ourselves what that will and purpose of cultivating our belief in the trinity is to develop an understanding of the good word of the Gospel.

In reading Growing into Goodness by Paul Lacey, and in understanding the struggles by early Quakers to educate their children. I asked myself if I agree with the Philosophy of Education presented in this book. Surely that learning is the act of reasoning made some sense, but going in depth I saw more to it than that. That learning was the conversation of how truth delivered by God is the root of social justice, and that liberty is the agreement that we will be delivered by the eternal light to rejoice in.

My previous thought was that learning was highly critical, while this may be, it is also the assertion of understanding the similarities and differences that can help us to reach agreement and unite in wisdom that jusice is the besetting of the well being onto the whole. So that my understanding of learning changes then from having the right answer, to one of cultivating a culture of sound reasoning, to showing it's aim and direction in the discourse of human nature, to providing philosophical and theoretical ends that can reach an agreement based on the common good. The common good being an understanding of the points of discussion through the many acts and conversations we have in good faith.

" Discerning the importance of a commitment to truth telling, to keeping one's word, to living with integrity, has the double advantage of weighing the weight of a testimony and addressing a profound developmental need for young people, particularly adolescents, for whom the struggle to find personal identity and the place in a group is the struggle for personal integrity."

This excerpt taken from the book did well in me to confirm in the shadow of doubt that I do indeed have a Quaker education, that I walk in the light at the fifteenth street Quaker Sunday School, as a Tutor with the thought that learning is reason, that truth is wisdom, and that reason leads to truth, and forever together I am grateful for the instruction, a chance to appreciate that my children's love for the good news delivered by Jesus, is the sanctimonios attrition that our integrity forms the society for which we truly observe the growth of our inner being, by the fruits and labor of a sound Quaker Education.

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