Gosh I think I'm a Quitter! Looking for Clearness! Originally Posted 6-7-10

I am an adjunct university instructor for a number of institutions;
Mount St. Mary's University, University of Phoenix online, University
of Phoenix Harrisburg campus, and Frederick Community College. I had
also, some time ago, applied to Kaplan University and have been
accepted there. I am currently going through the training process with
Kaplan. Online schools make faculty undergo rigorous training before
they let you into the classroom (traditional schools kind of just turn
you loose). I say this because after being trained with the University
of Phoenix I knew what to expect with Kaplan training.

Here's the thing. Kaplan feels very corporate to me. I've had to do many
corporate style training modules even before the faculty training.
Maybe I'm hypersensitive to the model since I am a refugee from
corporate America (biotechnology). But I've noticed some things that I
feel I should probably pay attention to. The first time I was enrolled
in the training I had to withdraw because I couldn't find the time to
do the 3 week course. I'm currently enrolled this second time around
and completely blanked on the mandatory seminar (I didn't put it on my
calendar and therefore it ceased to exist). I'll have to be enrolled a
3rd time (and last time) into the entire course to complete this
mandatory seminar. All the other work I've done will transfer over no

Clearly there is some part of me that is balking at this new job. I feel like I should listen and resign....in the middle
of training! At this stage my plate is full. Comfortably I would teach
fewer online classes in the Spring and Fall semesters because my
traditional classes are full, and teach more online classes in the
summer when my traditional schools don't tend to offer adjunct
contracts. I'm teaching 5 classes right now, for example. I don't know
what will happen in July and August, but I expect I'll be offered more
classes by Phoenix. Kaplan would help to take up the slack. At most I
imagine teaching no more than 2 or 3 Kaplan classes a year.

Do I re-enroll this 3rd and last time in the Kaplan training? Do I resign?

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