I have been looking forward to quarterly meeting with spiritual hunger. Without a meeting community or the gift of regular monthly meetings, the gatherings I attend have great importance to me.

This will be my first quarterly meeting without my daughter. As she has matured she has needed less and less of me. In the last few meetings I had but a few glimpses of her, as we had parallel experiences at the quarterly meeting. This time I won't even have the glimpses. But I will probably still look for them, and as I walk around I'll see places and see her as a smaller child in those places.

I hope my empty-nest-ness will yield dividends of quality grownup time.

Today, online, I sip from others' spiritual fountains. Tonight I'm going to dive in, and I can't wait!

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Comment by charlotte busse shea on 10th mo. 13, 2009 at 4:39pm
Before me is the New Yorker cartoon, kindly clipped by Win (spouse), "We need a better piling system." But your blog unpiles one question,"whatever happened to Madeleine--does she have a Meeting to go to? Is it worth trying to generate some sort of questionnaire about raising a "Quaker" child without a First Day School? --or with one, as far as that goes!" So join us across the continent in our celebration of 50 years with a Meeting House! CShea.
Comment by Madeleine Cadbury Brown on 10th mo. 13, 2009 at 4:46pm
Hi Charlotte Shea! So nice to hear from you. Raising my daughter Quaker is harder without a meeting here. I think I pulled it off, though. We go to Quarterly Meeting faithfully--every spring and fall, and she loved those weekends. We also faithfully have grace before dinner. Nonviolence, seeking the light in others, and living in Truth and Integrity are the Q themes that prevail in our home. We also refrain from gambling. I even adopted plain speech with her. She also hears it at our Quaker family camp so associates it with her Quaker family. Thanks to the quarterly meetings, she identifies as a Quaker. Now she is at a Quaker school, attending meeting for worship twice a week, and studying Bible and Quakerism in class. Even if she never finds God (is nontheistic at this time) she will turn into a good person, I know. Thank God!

As to our meetinghouse turning 50. WOW! Wish I had the time and $$ to come celebrate with you.



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