There are countries that still respect the contingencies of nature. Specifically, if there has been early snowfall and plenty of it, ski resorts in the Alps get the benefit of opening early with plenty of trails to offer. But if there is late or little snow, then livestock farmers reap the benefit of an extended grazing season.

Nature giveth and nature taketh away; blessed be the Lord! Needless to say, in those countries with respect only for human control/man-ipulation of nature, snow making-and-storing cares little for needed sacrifices on behalf of industrial co-existence. 

There are also countries that are banning the use of certain insecticides found to dissipate the bee population. In spite of the reduction(restoration?) in inflated agricultural output with the use of these insecticides, smart farmers can not deny the importance of the bees. Drones, whether bees or man-made instruments, are similarly helpless in supplying the work of crop fertilization.

There are Quaker meetings for worship that take into account the cross-pollination achieved by the Spirit. Of course, there are times of personal sacrifice demanded, along with natural abilities and supernatural gifts to be recognized and respected, if corporate spiritual growth is to be realized.

Surely, some will feel the benefit of cross-pollinating while others the burden. And, just as surely, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away the cross to be borne; yet never the blessing of promoted spiritual co-existence.

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