Can "God" substitute for "Spirit"? A companion post to "Do God and Spirit equate?"

In an earlier Red Electric post I replaced "God" in some well known "God" quotations with the word "Spirit" to see how the exercise might illiminate the meanings of the words and their relationship to each other.


In my most recent post, I've done the opposite, replacing "Spirit" in various references to "Spirit" with the word "God."


To see the results, go HERE.

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Comment by Forrest Curo on 6th mo. 24, 2011 at 1:19am

What is the point of this exercise?


"Spirit" is a description of God's nature... which applies to many features of this universe, else we wouldn't have the word in the first place, or understand anything about God from it.


One aspect of this universe that word describes... is the conscious presence of each person, his/her awareness of being "here", alive, experiencing... and that aspect of each person also happens to be God. It's where the Fingers go into us Finger-puppets, you might say. (It's a real blind spot in us; it's something that can't readily see Itself because it's busy seeing Everything Else instead...)


Logically, two words we use the same way ought to equate. But that doesn't necessarily apply if our model of what we're trying to talk about is inadequate, as tends to be the case precisely with this sort of referents.


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