I went to Katie's Mercantile http://www.katiesmercantile.com/index.html
(thanks, http://quakerjane.com/) looking for a strong apron. Now that I
take the care of my hearth seriously I felt led to dress for it. Like I
said in earlier posts, I wake up, make my bed, wash my face, and dress
for the day from the skin out. Right now house/hearth keeping demands
more respect than a ratty T shirt. I don' t know why, but there it
is. What I quickly found out is that keeping house is messy! Who
knew? Certainly not I. So I was looking for a long, sturdy apron and
found one at Katie's. Specifically
http://www.katiesmercantile.com/aprons_ladies_horse_buggy_long.html ; .

Anyway, while I was there I went browsing. Now, if you can see from my avatar,
I have very long dreadlocks. I have to tie them up in a scarf at home
because they very very efficiently police up dirt, dust, fuzz, fur,
you-name-it. I was not in the market for a bonnet. I am not
bonnet-wearing plain, but wouldn't you know, Katie's has a gathered cap
http://www.katiesmercantile.com/gathered_cap_adult.html that I thought
would do the trick of schooling up my hair better than the large
fabric head ties I use (knot up at the top of the head). So I bought
one. Love it. It works like a charm (my friend took a cell phone
piccie that I will post when she sends it to me).

Here's the surprise though. When I put on my cap and apron this powerful sense of
order came over me. This was completely unexpected. After all I always
tied up my hair, I have always had a penchant for long skirts - so this
dress was no real departure, but the combination of cap and apron just
put me in a frame of mind, a place of power (sorry, I think my pagan is
showing). I felt strong and capable, and confident, and content.

Huh; don't know what this is about. Has anyone had this experience in your Plain existence?

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Comment by Isabel Penraeth on 5th mo. 24, 2010 at 10:44pm
:) I had one young woman relate to me that after spending a week with an Amish family, she was amazed one night by the difference she felt taking off the kapp, and then putting it back on. Kapp on: peace. Kapp off: no peace. Kapp back on: peace. Some things are retained (fossilized) among the plain people for more reasons than just habit.
Comment by Paula Roberts on 5th mo. 24, 2010 at 11:00pm
That is very interesting, Isabel. I wore it out to take the trash (I live on a private road with 3 other neighbors so I have to take my can to the end of the lane). I was leery at first because I was in my long work dress, my apron and my cap. But it suited me so well that I didn't want to take it off. My neighbors complimented me on it. Mind you I am a Trinidadian, first generation American from an Anglican tradition. But this uniform felt like so comfortable and familiar and motivating all at the same time. Of late I've been more aware of what I'm wearing on my head. I wear scarves most of the time, but lately the need has gone from fashion/look to necessity. Case in point; last meeting I just wore a crocheted head band so my hair was down on my shoulders and I found it very distracting! This morning when I took the dog to the park I put it up in a pony tail and wore my usual bandanna as well. It felt much better - I think it's that "order and neatness" thing again.
Comment by Stephanie Stuckwisch on 5th mo. 27, 2010 at 12:21pm
I don't know if it's spiritual or psychological, but I've found when I've linked an object to an inner state, the object can help induce that state. This may run contrary to classic Quakerism, but it holds true for me.

Years ago I worked in Guatemala with Peace Brigades International. A few of us would gather every morning for prayer/meditation. I bought colorful shawl in the market place and would wrap myself in it for warmth during this prayer time. Almost 30 years later, if I have trouble centering during my prayer time, wrapping that shawl around me helps.
Comment by Paula Roberts on 5th mo. 27, 2010 at 7:31pm
It probably is psychological, but that makes it spiritual too I think. It would be hard to tease the two apart. It is quite what I intended when I began to explore Plainness; to link an object to an inner state, but for me it was to remind me of my purpose, and to keep me on the straight and narrow (I'm really good at overwork to illness unfortunately).
Comment by Leslie Rodgers on 6th mo. 9, 2010 at 10:12am
When I'm in "my garb" as my daughter calls it, I feel like I am my better self, if that makes sense. I feel centered and in balance with life, smarter and more capable. I also feel less rushed, more able to take the time to do things well and not 'outrun' myself.
I have no idea why, but I suspect the why doesn't matter as much as the doing.
Comment by Nanna Kapp on 7th mo. 9, 2010 at 1:29pm
Dear Paula and others,

I am so glad you all posted on this subject because I have had the same experience. When in prayer I heard "Will you accept the cap?" (I hadn't decided then to fully become a Quaker) But when I heard those words I knew exactly what it meant.

Now I find the same results as you've expressed. "Kapp on=peace and order, Kapp off restless and disorderly." I thought it was just all in my mind lol!

I am so glad to see that we are all having similar experiences. For myself though, I just attribute it to being in obedience to what God asked of me, and not to the item itself. When he asks me other things there is the same results. Disobedience comes with a negative price to pay and obedience comes with the blessings of God.

Peace to all,

Nanna Kapp


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