The coach of a college basketball team at Baylor, Scott Drew, is being chastised for his holier than thou personna while breaking NCAA rules on recruiting.  He is being compared to teleevangelists in his hyprocracy because while recruiting high school basketball players in violation of the NCAA rules he would pray and sing hymns.  I guess only Holy people can pray and sing Hymns. 

A problem facing members of today's church is that they are held to a higher standard then those with whom they are competing.  Unlike the teleevangilist mentioned in the article, the coach's transgressions against the 11th Commandment - Don't get caught - are not moral in nature (google Sandusky/Paterno).  Many people who come to a place of faith in their religion do so after having lived a full worldly life with all that it implies.  Christianity in particular seeks out the most decadent individuals for redemption and it is only after such people start their faith walk that they begin to develop integrity and a host of other virtues too often recklessly attributed to everyone who steps into a religious building.  In fact the people I know who have the most integrity seem to feel disappointed in their dearth of spiritual experiences - He who is forgiven much, loves much, I guess.   The case of Scott Drew points out not so much a case of failure on Mr. Drew's part as on the church's part - a lack of mentoring and accountability to insure that its members get the support they need to make the tough decisions they will be confronted with in order to develop under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the fruit of the spirit - integrity, humility, peacefullness, etc.  A failure that leads to more than deciding which college reaps millions from the unpaid labor of the world's talented athletes but even more so to the misuse of the world's wealth on wars and living large.  It's nothing compared to the German church's failure during the Holocaust but since it doesn't appear to be limited to one country it's a very big failure and one which is only going to grow until spiritual development of church membersis given the attention it deserves and the world requires.

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