The Dalai llama writes about ageing as an ability to forgive and to transcend sorrow so that it is useful to friends, family and the environment. Ageing Spiritually refers to the servitude and relevance that our lives have influenced the world and the souls we have touched who thought we could make a difference. We are not just born to our parents, but are lives of Heaven and Earth, as we observe the stillness and account for spiritual pathways, the essence of our channeling through the light is one that nurtures and calms the inner psyche. I find in my own story I am an ancestor as well as a friend, but that my giving of wisdom is unrecognized.
Friends sit with the souls of friends who have passed and friends who have passed who give to us a sign and special message. One that is interpersonal, and may be thought of as teachings and protection given by spiritual gaurdians. In my service the ageing have often been my teacher, and the dying have been my instrument for achieving serenity. By the grace of the holy spirit we are interdependent on the very old and the very young to learn from our experience, and the multi faceted regeneration of the good of our souls, and the holy spirit that is actually bestowed within each and everyone of us. The following link is an article from a resource with an inspirational message about how to cope with trying times.

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