Adherence to a outward constructs like commitment to diversity and the cycle of a flawed process.

In a recent blog enters at Transition Quaker ( ) it is written:

"I hope that our commitment to diversity of religious belief and language might lead us to recognise that all of our views about God are limited, and need complementing by the differing insights and experiences of others. Instead of disputing whether God is personal or impersonal, Friends can learn from the variety of human religious experience about both the personal and impersonal faces of God."

The presumption of an outward ideological and theological "commitment to diversity" that should inform everyone is what some first Quakers called a politic of contrivance viz. William Rogers "The Christian Quaker ..." Advocating that everyone should follow such an outward contrivance is itself to participate in judgement against those who are not of the same conscience and who do not share a "commitment to diversity." The very act of advocacy for diversity in itself nurtures a lack of commitment for diversity (the very advocacy for diversity manifests a lack of diversity in that it judges those who seek uniformity) in the same way that the politic of contrivance for being that is informed by the outward construct of uniformity nurtures diversity. The appearance of inshining Immanence itself in itself in my conscious and conscience does not establish the outward conceptual construct "diversity" as an normative or meditative form. In the same way, inshining Immanence does not establish the outward construct of uniformity as a normative or meditative form. Immanent Presence itself in itself is experienced directly as my only anchor and informs without regard for any outward conceptual constructs in general or any particular construct like "diversity" or uniformity. In this immanent Appearance itself in itself inshining into my conscious and conscience, concepts like diversity and uniformity are mere shadows that cloud over immanent being and are of no value and serve no purpose. This is the new way, the different way, that is no longer informed by outward contrivances like a "commitment to diversity or a commitment to uniformity. In immanent Presence itself in itself inshining into my conscious and conscience, there is no commitment to outward forms like diversity or uniformity. In the Life itself in itself the commitment is the Life itself.

Human conscious and conscience that is gathered toward outward contrivances such as diversity and uniformity are the result of human being that participates in the process of a conscious and conscience that identifies with and sinks meaning and purpose down into relationship with outward form and intellectual constructs. This process is the source of human being at variance and the realization and manifestation of imposition upon the conscience of others who identify with other outward contrivances.

In immanent Presence inshining itself in itself, we no longer reflect outward forms; recommending immanent Life itself as complete and sufficient in itself to establish identity, meaning, and purpose. In this Life outward constructs or contrivances as guides that inform human being and relationships and result in imposition upon the conscience of others is usurped and overcome. These outward powers and principalities no longer rule and govern. This Life can and is known today even by those who walk in the midst of the shadows of outward contrivances like diversity and uniformity; these shadows no longer inform for they no longer cast their pale by the power of the inshining Light upon and within the conscious and conscience.

There will be no true diversity as long as the outward contrivance of commitment to diversity is advocated, projected, or reflected upon the conscience of others. In the same way, there will be no uniformity as longer as the outward contrivance of commitment to uniformity is advocated, projected, or reflected. These reflection are outside immanent Life itself in itself. They only serve to embroil human being in the politic of contrivance that nurtures the opposite of what is hoped for.

The natural law of the process of identification with and advocacy for outward formal constructs creates and manifests a cycle of oscillation wherein each outwardly established form nurtures its opposite ... for example, adherence to the outward spirit of diversity nurtures a spirit of uniformity. There is a way out of this cycle through the appearance of immanent Presence itself in itself inshining into the conscious and conscience which results in the power and strength to lay down all outward forms because the process of identification with them to gain meaning, purpose, and identity, through adherence to outward forms, structures, traditions, institutions, is replaced by being that sufficient and complete in direct and unmediated immanent Presence itself in itself and the old natural law and its process is broken and its flawed nature exposed.

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Comment by Jim Wilson on 12th mo. 24, 2016 at 12:10pm

Good Morning Keith:

It has been some time since I have dropped by here.  It was a pleasure to read this post.  I often find that the drive to 'diversity' masks a commitment to a particular ideology that is very restrictive.  But I haven't been able to articulate why I have sometimes responded that way.  Thanks for your insights and enjoy your Christmas Day.

Thy Friend Jim

Comment by Kirby Urner on 12th mo. 26, 2016 at 4:33pm

Yeah, the contrived nature of much "diversity talk" is a hot topic in many circles.

As a member of another subculture (no, not Subgenius, that's a different "church"), that of Python computer language fans (Python named for Monty Python originally), we've had long discussion threads about diversity, in which I've taken some unpopular stands.

For example, I have no objections if the Python Software Foundation, a non-profit guardian of Python trademarks and source code, wants a Code of Conduct that discourages Pycon booths from flaunting any sexual content, as one might find at a comic book convention (Comic Con).

PSF owns the Pycon trademark and wants a more corporate, button-down, business-like atmosphere, not crazy costumes. I get it.

However, if we really welcome diversity, then we would seek other ways, outside of Pycons, to connect with the graphics arts and movie-making communities.

I find a lot of moralizing behind calls for "diversity" that focus on "how to not be offensive to others" in one's manner of dress, beliefs, walk of life.  In contrast, I believe a first step towards "accepting diversity" (what we used to call "tolerance") is by dropping any "right to not be offended by others" as somehow inalienable. 

On the contrary, we should count on, welcome, being offended, and then cultivate our freedom to express in what way some behavior or practice is not to our taste -- but not necessarily with the insistence that "this must stop". Or maybe we learn ways to accommodate that don't involve a lot of talking.  I count on Quakers to be efficient.


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