4 things you have to know about Quakers & repentance & doubt: QuakerQuaker 6/23/14


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The language of a New Lamb’s War
Steven Davison looks back at one of the Quaker metaphors that make many of us squirm today: "To be meaningful and effective today, Quaker witness must present a real and present danger to the evildoers of the world. Yet the threat must represent a Third Way—not the violence of the oppressor or the violence of the resister, but the emergence of the Truth, meaning a presentation of a truth that is not merely inconvenient but that makes you squirm under its Light."

Does worship require doubt?
Dan Coppock unpacks some Revelation: "If I’m laboring the metaphor it’s because I get so tired of the biblical ones being interpreted one way. But one message during worship did introduce doubt to the gathered meeting. And when it did, the worship fell into place for me and I could relax and open some doors. Worship requires a bit of doubt."

Liberal Friends: can we (should we) repent?
John Edminster from New York asks a question uncommon among modern liberal Friends: "Once we’ve undergone the thorough change of consciousness that constitutes repentance, rightly understood, it becomes an experienced fact that “all things work together for good to those who love God.” The question before Liberal Friends is, Will you repent?"

2000 British Quakers to gather for annual sessions
A recent record number of British Friends will be gathered to discuss membership: "The theme of YMG is “what it means to be a Quaker today” focussing on what it means to be a Friend in membership and what it means for attenders who have chosen not to come into membership."

What if we take all the structure away?
Pen Wilcock on the seeds of peace and war: "Take away the hierarchy, the liturgy, the flower arrangements and the pews, stick with silence, no leadership, a bunch of wildflowers in a jam jar and chairs in a circle, and suddenly you have the seeds of peace."

There's only 4 things you need to know about Quakers
According to the Huffington Post: "Even for those who do not feel compelled to connect to a higher power, the tradition of meeting for worship embodies several core Quaker beliefs that help Friends lead a mindful, connected and fulfilling life."

The Split-Personality of Quakers?
Danny Coleman thinks Quakers’ love of peacefulness and activism are two sides of the same coin: "The peace-loving Quakers can lean towards inoffensively maintaining the status quo, while the activist Quakers can incite controversy, discomfort, embarrassment and trouble. That spirituality fosters a humility and tenderness but it also fuels a stubborn zeal."

The best part of growing up Quaker?
For Charlie Brooker it was the lack of religion: "No one tried to hammer the God nail into my forehead at an impressionable age. In fact the best thing about being a Quaker was the lack of God in my life. As a Quaker I got to duck out of religious education lessons at my Church of England primary school."


* The way I used to see Being Plain, by Anne
* Studying the Bible, by James C Schultz
* Is It Not Time?, by Clem Gerdelmann
* Why Am I a Friend and What’s It To You?, by Doug Bennett
* 6 Reflections on Sweden Yearly Meeting, by Othmar Ferdinand Arnold

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