Project Definition

Our city needs ways of managing storm water that come from the residential areas. The Rain Garden project is a key milestone to an eco-city. The rain gardens are made up of native flowers and shrubs, which temporary hold and soak rain water from roofs, driveways, street, and lawns, while removing off chemicals and nutrients before releasing it into drainage. The gardens are designed to slow down the speed of storm water allowing more time for infiltration, and this prevents erosion of drainage system within the city.

Project Description

In many parts of the world, the concept of rain gardens is growing in popularity among homeowners. In this project, the rain gardens in our city are constructed based on a standard measurement model. The rain garden should be 30 feet from house and take less than 24 hours to soak water. The trustful essay writing service ensures that the rain garden does not interfere with the foundation of buildings. Due to the design of our cities, the rain gardens would be suitable in Shell Beach, the coast of California.

Project Benefits

The project provides several benefits to us and environment at large. Rain gardens do not only provide unique, gorgeous landscape feature our residential areas, but also a mechanism to minimize pollutants, erosion, and flooding in the street. Rain gardens absorb more rain water in comparison with traditional lawns, making them more useful in recharging ground water. They also promote diversity of plants and animals by providing habitat for wild plants and flowers, as well as butterflies and humming birds.

Project Costs & Revenue

The typical rain garden has an estimated construction cost of $17,000, but the cost depends on the type of land and plants to be planted. Before the plants are fully grown, the rain garden requires regular weeding. The regular maintenance costs can go up to $ 50 per month until the plants fully form a canopy to suppress weeds. The benefits of rain gardens outweigh its cost. Thus, rain garden is a low cost implementation strategy for Water Based Urban Design.

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