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In 1680 Friend William Rogers published a book documenting why some founding Friends were not of the same conscience as George Fox (and those who followed him) concerning the institutionalization of the gathering of Friends by establishing a specific set of outward forms and practices.

The following links comprise the whole of Rogers' work in the form of a facsimile of the original text. This is not a modernized form of the text. It is a copy I have compiled of the 17th century text rendered into PDF format.

Christian Quaker ... By William Rogers
Written 1680
All links point to PDF files

Title Page Image:


First Part

Second Part

Third Part

Fourth Part

Fifth Part



Please let me know if there are any issues with downloading the sections.

I am working on a modernized version of the book along with annotations and cross-references. However, it will not be available any time soon. At least there is an electronic version now available for those who are interested.

Keith F. Saylor

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Comment by Keith Saylor on 8th mo. 18, 2017 at 3:36pm

The integration of page numbers indicators that match that actual page numbers in the original document is complete.

The process of proofreading and formatting the text is the current focus. Also, the number of related texts that will be appended to "The Christian Quaker" as a supplemental section is under serious consideration as most of them required keyboarding also. 

Comment by Keith Saylor on 9th mo. 12, 2018 at 12:19pm

Finally, I’ve brought this project to a point where I can publish the a first (by me) printing in electronic format.

A newly keyboarded version of “The Christian Quaker...” has been published in HTML format and as a pdf.

Link to web version on Blogger

Link to PDF Version of The Christian Quaker at

Comment by Keith Saylor on 2nd mo. 10, 2019 at 12:31pm

In summer 2016, I set out on a journey to publish a facsimile copy of William Rogers' The Christian Quaker. This soon morphed into keyboarding (transcribing) his text and publishing it in html and pdf format and also keyboarding and publishing supplemental early Quaker texts mentioned by Rogers in his book and also other relevant early Quaker texts touching on the concerns Rogers documents in his book within a 10 year plan.

It is been ever on me to offer up a context, wherein people interested, may enter into the conversation between early Quakers over the concerns expressed in Rogers book and the nature of government and rule within the Quaker gathering; and to do it in such a way that there was no need to depend upon how others characterize the concerns of the early Quakers through small quotations. I’ve struggled over a format through which I may accomplish this task. Slowly, one has manifested that shows promise. Using the blogspot infrastructure as a test platform, I am now in the process of publishing a portal through which Rogers book and the various of the relevant early Quakers documents are published or will be published.

The 10 year plan (starting in 1016) is a fixed date wherein all relevant supplemental documents are to be keyboarded and published into the portal or kiosk.

This will also be a place were my research will be reflected. The various early Quaker documents being published as static pages will be discussed on the “blog” (I call them Backlog Studies) side of the platform and that is were the conversation between my research and the thoughts of others who may wish to contribute through comments will take place. Through this process I will begin cross-referencing multiple documents between one another. These cross references will serve as notecards relevant to my research. What is neat this about this is that the reader will not only be able to view the notecards containing various thoughts and quotations, the reader will have excess to the full text of all or most of the cross-referenced documents so he or she may spend time reading the whole documents for context and to test conclusions or theories. This is all being freely given as the inshining Light is freely given. There will be no advertises on the portal and no donations will be requested.

You may gain a sense of the direction the of Christonomy kiosk by following the link below:

Keith Saylor:

Comment by Keith Saylor on 2nd mo. 13, 2019 at 3:28pm

Quaker Research Document List

The COMPLETED documents are Published on:

  1. Rogers, William
    1. The Christian Quaker
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    2. The Christian Quaker - Sixth Part
  2. Smith, Nathaniel
    1. The Quakers Spiritual Court -
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
  3. Crisp, Stephen
    1. An Epistle from Stephen Crisp to Friends, against such as cry out against the Form of Godliness, as againat Meeting at Set Times, on First Days, &c.
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    2. An Epistle to Friends Concerning the Present and Succeeding Times.
      1. Keyboard and Published - COMPLETE
  4. Penn, William
    1. An Account of W. Penn’s Travails in Holland and Germany.
      1. Relevant journal entry Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    2. The Spirit of Alexander the Copper-Smith
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    3. Judas and the Jews Combined against Christ and his Followers
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
  5. Barclay, Abram Rawlinson
    1. Letters, etc. of Early Friends
      1. Relevant Documents Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
  6. Dewsbury, William
    1. To all the Faithful in Christ, who have stood in his Council the Light …
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
  7. Anonymous
    1. The Spirit of the Hat
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    2. Tyranny and Hypocrisy Detected
      1. Keyboarding
  8. Fox, George
    1. Concerning those that go out of Unity and Deny Forms
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    2. To all that would Know the Way to the Kingdome, Whether they be in Forms, Without Forms, or Get above all Forms..
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
    3. Gospel Truth Demonstrated in a Collection of Doctrinal Books …
      1. Pending
  9. Barclay, Robert
    1. The Anarchy of the Ranters
      1. Keyboarded and Published - COMPLETE
  10. Rich, Robert
    1. Hidden Things brought to light or the Discord of the Grand Quakers among Themselves.
      1. Pending
  11. Nayler, James and Fox, George
    1. Saul’s Errand to Damascus
      1. Keyboarded
  12. Whitehead, Anne and Elson, Mary
    1. An Epistle for True Love, Unity and orders in the Church of Christ
      1. Keyboarded
  13. Keith, George
    1. Divine Immediate Revelation and Inspiration
      1. Pending
  14. Multiple Authors
    1. Exalted Diotrephes Reprehended, or the Spirit of Error and Envy
      1. Keyboarded
  15. Harwood, John
    1. To all People that profess the Eternal Truth of the Living God
      1. Pending
    2. A Description of the True Temple and Worship of God
      1. Pending
  16. Nayler, James
    1. A Discovery of the First Wisdom from Beneath and the Second Wisdom from Above.
      1. Pending
    2. An Account from the Children of Light …
      1. Pending
  17. Pickworth, Henry
    1. A Charge of Error, Heresy, … against the most noted Leader of the Quakers
      1. Pending
  18. Perrot, John
    1. To the Upright in heart, and Faithful People of God
      1. Pending
    2. The Vision of John Perrot
      1. Pending
    3. An Epistle for the most Pure Amity and Unity in the Spirit and Life of God
      1. Pending

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