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The Line You Shall Not Cross

There is a line set down by other people relative to a person’s relationship with and participation in immanent Presence. This line or wall is heavily guarded and fortified by the protectorate of outward forms. The outward weapons of this protectorate are religious and political ideology, theology, tradition, similitudes, practices, etc. The nuclear weapon of the protectorate is the abstracted “God” who speaks to them and tells them how to direct and lead others so that to not follow the… Continue

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I am in the Room with you.

I am in the room with you and I am within you. Most speak about me rather than speaking me directly and in immediacy. Speak my name … I am … and there I am. To speak about me … to reflect upon me … is to turn from who I am and who you are in me to focus on shadows. Do not look for me through the written and spoken reflections, writings, and preaching of those who set themselves up as your teacher or elder. I am your teacher and elder and there is no other before me. Look and call upon me … I am… Continue

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In the Name Is Freedom from the flawed nature.

I am sufficiency in itself to guide and teach you. When I am you and you are me all outward forms are laid down. I am then no longer an object to look at and rationalize and preach about. I am living being present in you in all things and in me outward prescriptions and creeds and those who teach them are of no value. They are of the old flawed nature. Do not look for me in the past or sometime in the future. Such is of the flawed nature. I am come again in this moment and I am present with you… Continue

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Speak the Name itself in itself and not about the Name

I am the answer. I am the way. I am with you as you write and ruminate. Speak my Name before rationalizing and intellectualizing. Rest in my Name and own who I am. Say me, speak me, and I am there in your conscience and conscious. I am ever Present within you. I am immanent. Just speak my Name ... I am ... right now ... just speak it as you read it. Say ... I am ... rest in and own who I am. It is in the speaking and calling that I am manifest Light. Lay down rationalizations and simply speak… Continue

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"We deny all who say this light is not sufficient ..." James Naylor

That faith we own and witness, is that which stands in Jesus Christ, the everlasting covenant of light, who is the light of the world, and this light we believe and follow; and by this we are led out of all the ways, works and worships of this dark world, and the effect of this light we witness by faith; and by this faith we deny all who say this light is not sufficient, without the teaching of man to guide in all the ways of God, and all such we deny, for those are they who know not the voice… Continue

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When God draws out of the outwardly given things and shines upon the conscience.

A Response to a piece at Transition Quaker:

It happens that people's meaning, purpose, and identity, are in relation to outward things like occupation, family, country, political and religious ideology and affiliation,…


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Real ... True Science has no regard for outward political agenda or those who profess political agenda.

As a natural historian who has engaged in scientific study both as a paid researcher and privately, these examples of people (especially in government institutions that are funded with taxpayer money) justifying political policy under the pretense of flawed scientific results based on flawed and manipulated data sets, are always disturbing.

For your consideration:

Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming… Continue

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A Response to Hye Sung Francis


Some text pulled from "The Christian Quaker ..." written in 1680 by William Rogers, for your consideration and recommendation. Spelling and Usage has not been updated.

We acknowledge that we owe Obedience either Active or Passive unto this Magistracy; and that such obedience is as well grounded in the Light of… Continue

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A Response to Daniel Wilcox


It is curious to me the author does not recognize the Quaker way wherein those gathered in the sufficiency of the inshining Light in the conscious and conscience are come out of these "types" or forms ("the mystical, the evangelical, the rational,…


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A Response to Adria Gulizia


I do not share your negative conviction concerning the recent election. I attended the 1980 republican convention in Detroit as a young republican and witnessed the elation and exuberance of those who voted for Ronald Reagan. I also attended to and observed the tears and fears of… Continue

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A response to Lucy Duncan and AFSC

Source: [’s-march]

Hello Lucy,

I wish to use the occasion of comment to offer and recommend a different way than the one you offer and will leave it to the conscience of others whether this way is more profitable to spiritual being than the one…


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A Response to Micah Bales


Yes, it is a blessing to testify to the witness that there is a different way than the way of gaining meaning and purpose through identification with outward political and religious ideologies and agendas and those teachers and ministers who profess and promote them. We share this different way with our millions of…


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Abiding in my Watch

The inshining Light in my conscious and conscience has discovered to me that I am come into the Light itself as the source of meaning, purpose, and identity in this world and has discovered to me that, by the appearance of the inshining Light consciousness will sustain upon the death of my body. I am come into salvation. I am come into the second Life. 

In this Life, the professors and agitators of outward political, religious, and economic forms have no power. Their words of…


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A response to Brian Drayton's blog post at amor vincat


"We sometimes forget all the tools Friends have used to make this happen. We have used these tools for centuries. They are the ways Friends teach, learn, experiment, and realize a testimony (in the sense of “make it real”)."

"These are not methods to force…


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Adherence to a outward constructs like commitment to diversity and the cycle of a flawed process.

In a recent blog enters at Transition Quaker ( ) it is written:

"I hope that our commitment to diversity of religious belief and language might lead us to recognise that all of our views about God are limited, and need complementing by the differing insights and experiences of others. Instead of disputing whether God… Continue

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George Fox and the other first Quakers - From Recommendation to Imposition.

George Fox, in his Journal, records that God led him to "recommend" established and settled Meetings. He then set out to successfully see this recommendation through. In the course of sharing this recommendation, it happened, that George Fox, and those first Quakers who followed his recommendation, went beyond his leading from recommendation to imposition of settled outward forms over against the consciences of other first Quakers who were once in unity with him. This impostition took the form… Continue

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New Woke

Edifying ...

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Gods Grace Manifesting in the Inward Parts

Oh Friends! away with all such discourse, that tells you in one Line, that no Man, Men, nor Meetings, but Truth must Rule and Preside; and yet reflect on others, as claiming and pleading for Separate Privileges, and distinct Governments, when in Reality they plead for noting, but to be left (according as the antient Labourers, who were Instruments in Gods hand to gather us, did leave us, commit us, and commend us) to the Grace of God, and the Teachings thereof, as manifest in every ones Inward… Continue

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Report from the field ...

There is an opening manifest in the consciences of men and women to the message of the sufficiency of immanent Presence anchoring the conscious and informing the conscience and thereby laying down all identification with and meaning and purpose in and through outward forms. Immanent inshining Spirit itself in itself is working in the conscious and conscience of human being in this day. In the midst of all the dis-ease caused by identification with outward forms, there is are different way. I… Continue

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Draw water from your own Wells

... no Outward Order, Counsel, or Advice, is sufficient Ground for any man to Practice this, or t’other thing, so as thereby to find Acceptance with the Lord, until the Conscience of such an one, by the Light of Christ Jesus, be convinced thereof: For every action in relation to the things of God, that springs not from an enlightened convinced Conscience, is but the fruit of a lifeless Form without the Power, and seems not to square with this Doctrine, draw water out of your own Wells; let it… Continue

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