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Separations and views of atonement

Separations and views of atonement.

If I could frame a question on this topic, it would be "what needs to be addressed in order for a single Quaker meeting to have differing views of the atonement?" The second question would be "what goals for a meeting are implicit in each view of the atonement."

It would be simpler to say why can’t we all just get along. But the answer to that would probably not help us understand our differences or the solutions that addresses these…


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worship may be dangerous to our spiritual health.

The purpose of my prior BBQB blogs is to highlight Quaker reliance on Scripture to construct the Quaker practices and Quaker organization.  This blog examines “worship” as one of the two words where Quakers failed to follow new covenant teaching because they focused on the plain meaning of scripture in faulty translations.


The study of worship starts with a dictionary definition. Worship as a verb means “to show religious reverence for: to adore or to perform acts of adoration”.…


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We modern Quakers are thieves but do not weep. BBQB-IV

We modern Quakers are thieves but do not weep.  This is unlike Margaret Fell Fox's response to the 28 year old farmer, merchant preacher's, message given before the sermon in her respectable Church of England in 1652.  Respectable modern Quakers may object that they are not now in the 38 year old Margaret's position by having stolen a Christian's profession without knowing it needs to be accompanied by a renewing possession of the Spirit of Christ.  We modern Quakers frequently quote the…


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Can you identify which of the following quotes are from Quaker sources? BBQB-5

Can you identify which of the following quotes are from Quaker sources?  Knowing Quaker from non-Quaker writing will determines how we describe ourselves as Quakers.  How many of the following 10 quotes can you accurately place in or outside of early Quaker thought?

1    So if it could be proved -as it can not- .... that the Gospels were the fabrication of designing and artful men, that  Jesus of Nazareth had never lived, still Christianity would stand firm, and fear no evil.  None…


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What was once slander is now Quaker practice - BBQB II

Quakers today who eagerly affirm the Biblical truth of the Spirit of Christ  now being  present, available and personally leading all who practice the Christian faith in Spirit and truth are just as eager to minimize the use of Scripture by the early Quakers.  The extremely important use of Scripture is revealed in a few passages found by a  review of some of Fox's writings.  Fox admitted he built his beliefs and practices on the history and world view as presented in Scripture, the New…


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No easy way to tell a genuinely divine message BBQB III

The comments on the prior post lead to an interesting question. Does every personal leading reflect a leading or opening from the Spirit of Christ?  

If this is answered, " yes" then how do we account for the various times in our lives when we see or read about people making outlandish or destructive statements which they attribute to the inspiration of the spirit of God?   To make it more personal, how many times do we feel we think we are expressing the Spirit of Christ when we…


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Biblical Basis of Quaker Belief Part I

Several years ago, I was talking with an Indiana Quaker discussing the importance of the New Covenant in Quaker thought when his glance and comments revealed his suspicion that I was introducing something new even opposed to his church's teachings.  "Where does this idea of a new covenant come from?" he asked accusingly.  I remained speechless for several seconds, amazed he didn't know the answer and wondering how I could answer without revealing my dismay that he would ask such a…


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Biblical Basis of Quaker Belief - Introduction continued

Thank you Rene, Forest and James and Jim for contributing to this line of thought. It made me think about the importance of the mindset when looking at the Bible. Rene, I reread your chapter on Quakers and Scripture in your book. What a witness of the power of the allegorical or metaphoric way Quakers taught the truth of Scripture.

Your chapter set off a distant bell in my mind about Scripture being taught by allegory so I looked at the history of the church mostly using internet…


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Biblical Basis of Quaker Belief

Biblical basis of Quaker belief. 

It is obvious from early Quaker writings that they based their beliefs on the Bible.  Because anyone who has read Quaker writings would come to this conclusion, I would like to move beyond this question and address the issue of teaching Scripture to those who wish to understand and possess the power and energy that existed among early Quaker men and women.  

Since there is no doubt but that all the early Quakers including  Fox, Barclay, Penn,…


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