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It's been interesting?

Well . . . in Pa. the leaves are now out in full force.  


When this happens . . . I have to work more hours to get my work completed.


So . . . I have less time to spend on the computer.    


And another organization has asked me to be an administrator  for their internet forum.  


So . . .  it  looks  I will have a busy summer.     I've got to choose between this forum and the other.  


I should be back in November.…


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The Power of the Reader

When a person reads . . . they have control . . . they can stop when they wish. 


They can start  . . . whenever they wish.  


They can skip paragraphs or even chapters if they wish.  


The words that are observed by the reader have the same meaning and value of the reader and not the writer.



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Tree of knowledge of good and evil

My best student told me the other day that he thought that the tree of KOGAE was the same as the tree of life.  


And when I explained to him the difference . . .  he let out a big sigh.  And said "now it  all makes sense"  


I replied "what's up?"   He said . . . the whole story of the garden of Eden was confusing to him   even the  words and actions of God in the garden . . .  but now it was cleared up because . . . he was assuming both trees  as…


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The blind cost of Hatred

The reports on the murder mission that keep coming out . . . are constantly changing.  It now seems . . . the chopper that malfunctioned and was destroyed . . . was a new secret weapon with stealth technology.  And the accounts of the slaughter are increasingly more and more gruesome and savage.    The news media now reports that no more information about the slaughter will be released to the public.  …


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One Million Dollar Mansion

The voracious appetite of the news media has been displayed by their ability to consume any type of  ridiculous information that is tossed into their putrid dumpster.  


If the building that Osama lived in cost one million to construct.  The U.S. government must have been the contractor.  I can remember that a few years ago a hammer cost the U.S. government over four hundred dollars.



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Is your God?

I was working in my office just a usual one day about two years ago.  And God suddenly spoke this question to me . . . in his teaching mode.  "Is your view of God as a winner or as a looser?"    


I replied . . . "run that idea past me one more time I never thought about it that way."  


His reply was "Will there be more people in hell…


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Jerusalem Inquirer

Good news . . . Good news . . . the bug eater has lost his head.  That's right folks . . . another heretic has lost his second head.   We all know . . . that anyone . . . that is a  heretic . . . has lost his mind.  


Our investigative reporter has found out that a dancer has tripped up the bug eater.    Is not Karma wonderful.   The guy shoots off his mouth at everyone…


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Jerusalem Ranter

It seems a new kid has taken the place of the Bug eater since the arrest.  Our sources tell us  most of the bug eaters students have been seen with the new kid.  


And every time the new kid shows up at synagogue he always starts some kind of ruckus.   He almost alway breaks the laws of Moses during synagogue.  Imagine a man healing on the sabbath . . . how horrible.  We've heard that he will not allow anyone to elder…


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Jerusalem Herald

Well folks . . . just when  life gets back to normal . . .  another heretic has popped up.  And we have reports that the new kid is a first cousin to the bug eater.   Now the new kid is crazier than his cousin  . . . because our sources tell us the new kid is preaching the same heretical nonsense about making a straight road to God.  What is in the water that these people are drinking?


We have done a back round check…


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I won two of my senior class category  polls in a class of 185 students.  I was the winner of the shortest male student and the shyest.  And the fact of the matter was I was not the shortest and I was not the shyest.   Another student in my class was the shyest . . . he would never talk to anyone . . . the reason that I won the student poll was . . . I had red hair.  I could not hide.   I weighed 102 lbs. at graduation.



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Don't Call me a Universalist

I seen . . .  much writings of many different opinions of men . . .  all . . . with ideas about all the religions of men  . . .  on the internet.  


The point is . . .  every religion that exists . . . is guided by a spirit that impersonates God  . . .  on the correct way to live or die . . . in order to obtain eternal life . . . to appease their God or Gods.


If you call…


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Jersualem Gazette

The Bug eater has been captured!   That's right folks . . . the residents of Jerusalem can rest at peace now and go back to studying the Torah and taking their animals to the high priest as a sacrifice to appease an angry God.  So . . . enough . . .  of this bug eaters  talk about "all flesh being saved by God" we know that God loves only us . . . and all others are lost.   It's just not in the Torah. …


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Is the news Media satisfied?

Well . . . the virus in Egypt has mutated and is now a full blown epidemic in Libya.  

And of course the hawks and eagles are now clobbering each other.  And guess what's going to happen.  


The Arab coalition is going to bow out.  


And look who will be standing around holding the bag when the smoke clears and everyone will be…


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Jerusalem News . . . Heretic loose on the Jordan

The latest reports coming out the Jordan valley this week are about a crazy man that has the temple of God in an uproar.   It seems that a  young man  . . . that has not sat under a Rabbi has started teaching a new program about God . . . now get this . . . it does not involve the High Priest.  And yet people are flocking to the Jordan to get a look at this weirdo . . . who eats bugs. Yes he eats bugs . . . and he claims . . . now get this . . .  God told him to . .…


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Perfection not required

I had the privilege of meeting again with my best  seeker of God last week.  We got together at 8:30 in the evening and he began to talk about his walk with God that week.  


Sometime later I looked at my watch and much to my surprise it was midnight. Chuck was questioning me about an emergency that had occurred two days before, and in the middle of the event Chuck asked God for instructions.   And he said that . . .…


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Driven by Fear

Every religious person on the earth is driven by either fear of God or the love of God.  


Calvinists are driven by a fear of God's so called judgment of all mankind.  They declare that Gods major attribute is holiness and he can not stand to look at sin.  And God chooses who will be rejected and who will be received.  


Universalists know that God's plan for all his…


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What Book?

While on a mission trip to Peru last December,  our team of four were stressing the importance to the locals . . . to have a direct relationship with God, and not depend upon the pastors for all their spiritual information.   In the middle of the night . . . God came and asked me a question that I had never thought about?


"Why did't my son write a book while he was on the earth and settle this thing once and for…


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Denominational Spirits . . . what is their purpose


1Ki 22:21  And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him.


Six years ago I left the holiness pentecostal movement.   I can now see and identify the traits of a denominational spirit at work.  It's job is to impersonate God.    I was  a third generation member…


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Who are you setting with?



Mat 22:44  The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?


Jesus asked the Pharisees if they knew the answer to the writings of David  . . .who called the Messiah Lord . . . if the Messiah is the son of David.


More importantly the question is . . . do we understand the spiritual meaning of this scripture?…


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One student

After teaching for six years at the county jail  . . . about the love of God.  I was contacted by a former student last month.  Much to my surprise the contact was not for my assistance.  It was about the student's spiritual growth.

 Everything was going great for him.  In fact he was receiving so much information from God  he was wondering what to do with this new information.   Whenever he would talk about his God experiences to others . . . they would walk away . . .  muttering to…


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