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Advice From Mother Theresa

From *Brethren Life and Thought* by Joel Shenk: "People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you…

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A Quote from (Mary) Flannery O'Connor, 20th Century Novelist

Quoted by Leah Chang in a review of James Kugel's *The Great Shift* on Amazon:  "I don't know You, God because I am in the way.  Please help me push myself aside"

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Wisdom from an Old German Bpitst Brethren website

From Leanna Peters O'Riley in <Old German Baptist Brethren>
We cannot pour from an empty cup…🏃‍♀️

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Ohio Conservative Friends Pioneered in VS (Voluntary Service)

May be an image of outdoors

Sponsored by Philadelphia Orthodox Friends.  In the mission school's later years, it was staffed almost entirely by Ohio Conservative Friends.  Eventually, it was closed and the area was intentionally…


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Christian Phariseeism; What Does It Look Like?

Pastor J.D. Greaer, who just stepped down as the presiding officer of the Southern Baptist Convention, answered the question of what Christian Phariseeism looks like;' to wit, "It happens when we take a gospel nonessential like a cultural or stylistic preference … or our political calculus and we give it divine weight".

How do Friends measure up against this query?


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\John Woolman's Journal; Among the Indians

A Word from John Woolman

Moved by Love 

12th day, 6th month, and first of the week. It being a rainy day we continued in our tent, and here I was led to think on the nature of the exercise which hath attended me. Love was the first motion, and then a concern arose to spend some time with the Indians, that I might feel and understand their…


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John Woolman Again, taken from FUMe Newsletter

A Word…


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Friends in Belize


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From John Woolman on Ministry

From John Woolman (1741)

I went to meetings in an awful frame of mind, and endeavored to be inwardly acquainted with the language of the true Shepherd. And one day, being under a strong exercise of spirit, I stood up, and said some words in a meeting, but not keeping close to the divine opening, I said more than was required of me and being soon sensible to my error, I was afflicted in mind some weeks, without any light or comfort, even to that degree that I could take…


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Ever Hear of Andrea Palpant Gilley? Robert Woodberry?

The January/February 2014 issue of Christianity Today ran a cover story entitled: "The World The Missionaries Made".  The author is Andrea Gilley.  The author ID said that she "spent part of her childhood in Kenya as the daughter of Quaker missionaries."

Her essay focusses on the research of Robert Woodberry, a sociologist who teaches at the U of Texas.  For his dissertation, he examined the impact of "conversionary" Protestant…


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South Starksboro Through a Child's Eyes

Judy Rushby McLaughlin, one of my sisters, wrote the following reminiscence about the Orthodox Quaker fellowship at South Starksboro VT in the late 1960s.

                                       South Starksboro Through a Child's Eyes.


We roared over ribbony road toward the mountains from New York State.  They were mountains that we always looked at from afar off, but seldom went to. The Volkswagen Beetle crawled at a quick clip and struggled up the hill that…


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Water Found in Drought-stricken Turkana, Kenya

Kenyan Friends have had a mission in the desperately poor Turkana region of northern Kenya since 1970.  Now, a massive underground water supply has been discovered there.  If you live in an agricultural area, you will realize how important a good water supply is, to sustain life and livelihood!




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