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Why We Can't Hide Behind Our Words

At the last stop along my religious journey, I was summoned to meet with the clerk of the Meeting and the alternate clerk. The reason was never expressed until I arrived, and I have to admit that it felt a little like I was being sent to the principal’s office. After I sat down and listened to…


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Book Review: “Miracle Motors—A Pert Near True Story"

Some people go to the woods or the mountains to encounter the Divine. They seek the quiet to listen for the “still, small voice.” Peggy Senger Morrison, though, has some of her best conversations with God while driving a Kawasaki motorcycle named Rosie.…


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New Voices

What is divinity if it can come

Things to be cherished like the thought of heaven?

Divinity must live within herself:

Passions of rain, or moods in falling snow;

Grievings in loneliness, or unsubdued

Emotions on wet roads on autumn nights;

These are the measures destined for her soul.-

from “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens


I’m home and not at Meeting. In approximately eight minutes, Worship will begin and I…


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A Queer Vocal Ministry That Led to Controversy

Before I write another word, I need to qualify my remarks. What follows is not an attempt to retaliate or to prove my superiority. I'll use my exact words from a listserve post that appears to have upset many people. Truthfully, I have probably read the entire page-long…


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Today's Untouchables: Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are the foremost pariahs of our current day. In opinion polls, even intravenous drug users place higher. A recent series of high profile cases involving child sexual abuse have revealed the maddening frequency…

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Inviting the Divine into Our Lives

I began a vocal ministry during Meeting for Worship yesterday by discussing an anecdote told by the writer Robert Fulghum. As the story goes, Fulghum had a profound religious experience in the most unlikely of venues, a grocery store in Pocatello, Idaho. Profundities greeted him in every corner, in…


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Writing the Quotidian

Quotidian.  I read that word in an essay I critiqued during my first semester in my MFA in writing program. I had to look it up.  Ironically, it’s a fancy word for something that’s not, well, very fancy.  Here’s how the New Oxford American Dictionary defines it:


quotidian |kwōˈtidēən|

adjective [ attrib. ]

  • of or occurring every day; daily : the car sped noisily off through the quotidian…

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For Religious Seekers

Some years ago, this document was prepared for newcomers by my Meeting's Ministry and Worship committee. I think it to be an effective statement of purpose. We ought to hold ourselves accountable to it and what it says that we are.


For Religious Seekers

A Quaker Perspective

Are you looking for an understanding of God that is viable in today's world? We invite you to join with us in our continuing search for Divine leadership in our…


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Spirit moving

I was wired in Meeting for Worship Sunday from the wonderfully wild drumming of the day before with my Artsy Fartsy kids. I tried to settle in, but it just wasn't happening. I was fully attentive to the minister's message on giving. She and I had had a conversation a few days…


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Book Review - Staying True

As far as I’m concerned, the world could use a few more spiritual memoirs. A lot more people of faith writing about their spiritual journeys.  Fortunately, lifelong Quaker Lynn Waddington did just that during the final two years of her life. And her partner, Margaret Sorrel, labored through her own grief after Lynn’s…


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Revealing the Bones of Truth

A new edition of Juliet Barker’s 1994 biography, The Brontës, tells a story about Branwell, the brother of Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

In 1834, Branwell began to study painting with a member of the Royal Academy of Art. The student painter sketched a portrait of his sisters and…


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A Little Bit of Wisdom

The last day of Spring Residency for my writing program (Northwest Institute of Literary Arts), guest faculty Kathleen Dean Moore talked with the Craft of Nonfiction class about writing essays.  A philosophy professor at Oregon State University,…


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Quiet giant

Listen to this post:


I want to rail ... rail that someone I consider a rock is suffering. I just don't understand this kind of pain and why it's inflicted so randomly. The phrase shit happens comes to mind, but that does not begin to cover the scope…


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Where ministry meets livelihood

Listen to this post:


Yesterday was sandwiched between a traditional Bible study and a new women's group on astrology and archetypes. Could I have chosen anything more different? One is an ongoing study of Luke that my mother initiated…


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Five men holding cardboard signs huddled together, urging passersby to join them in protest against financial institutions. A month earlier, they had been among hundreds of others camped out in New York City’s Zuccotti Park.  But on this biting cold post-Christmas day, they were the only ones who had ventured through the maze of metal fencing and past security guards to continue a vigil against corporate greed and social inequality. The sight of the barricade snaking around the park’s…


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That harsh fire of truth

Brighton Meeting is having some difficulties with Meeting for Worship on the Occaision of Business. As in, they can't figure out how to integrate business with Worship. You know, the whole point of BM.

Today they did something different. And it shook me to my core. It was as painful as.... anything. So I'm writing about it to you guys as a form of a, this hurt!  'please share this with me'. You know, the way we've been doing for hundreds of years. 

First: I love this…


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Quaker Focus Week at George Fox University

This past week at George Fox University we have been engaging our Quaker heritage in a focused way. While our roots are Quaker, and there is still a strong Quaker community on campus, many of our students have no idea what a Quaker is or believes. Among the events we held were three chapel services, with the link to those found below. We hope you will engage these and continue to conversation!


Wess Daniels, pastor of Camas Friends Church, spoke on Quaker community as a Remix.…


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Inward Listening in Faithful Service

... listening in prayer is necessary as you learn how to see, test, taste, and value your ministry—the nature of the gift, and of your stewardship of it. You should seek to be able to pray honestly about your service, and expect to be shown what is missing, what is worth preserving, and what is to be rejected. As ever, the first motion is to wait until you can feel the cool, quiet, strong flow of light and love. … —Brian Drayton. On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry, 2006,…


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the harsh truth and the cheerful order

(I wrote this poem after reading George Fox's letter to Friends from which the famous phrase 'walk cheerfully' comes. it is an amazing piece of writing.  I've mixed up the phrases quite a bit.) 

The founder of my faith

did not merely say,
'walk cheerfully over the earth'.
The Fox said,
'walk cheerfully over the earth....
spare no deceit. Lay the sword upon it;
go over it....
Spare no place,
no word,…

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Sharing Ministry: this Arc of Lightness

Recently, I've had the gift of giving a fair amount of ministry on First Days. This seems to be a new chapter in my spiritual life - I don't assume it is going to last, but I am enjoying it (mostly). The ministries often combine prose, poetry and singing. At the request of several friends I've started recording them into poetry-format (not the same as what is actually coming out), and thought I would post some of them here.... among other musings. 


I know little about…


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