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red lotus

Yesterday I got a strong sense of why traditional Quaker preachers were so keen to suppress their own personalities.

I still think it was an error, from applying a crude theology to reality: the notion that we are a Christ spirit tangled within an unruly animal self--within a personal self that must be murdered to let Christ rule in us all alone.

But I had this responsibility to not blow it, to pass on the Transmission with the cleanest possible signal.

I'd just… Continue

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Scott McKnight on gospel and community

I know, I know I said I was taking a break but seriously read this if you are interested in evangelising/Gospel Order.

If reading the Bible as Story teaches us anything, and we need to emphasize this one more time, it teaches us that God's work in this world is to form communities that visibly demonstrate the power of God at work in this world.

This is explaining some stuff I've been… Continue

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Gospel and community

Forrest wrote: If we bring to bear the collective attention of a group of interested people, mentally centered and open to whatever message the Spirit may have for us, on some specific occasion, then we can see God at work, using it in and among us!

Yeah! I guess this is where I'm at. I want to live in this living tradition with all of you, but I don't see how we can do that unless we are doing it together, like we are here on QuakerQuaker and in our Meetings. If we're not… Continue

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It is all about the Spirit

For me all the reasons I am a Quaker are more superficial and it is not about the qualities that define my Quakerism, but my relationship to God/Spirit.

As I have learned to see 'that which is of God' in every one, I have learned to give up judgment and love each person for who they are, regardless of their beliefs and practices. I fully understand that some people need different practices in their religious services than the… Continue

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Found this old blog post describing how I was "convinced"--PART 3

Final: part 3

I did church crawl the next week. I went to a yuppy church near my apartment. This is one of those churches were there's one old couple, but everyone else is 20-30 somethings. The opening hymns were played by a rock band. I had to give them credit for being great musicians--even if they were the type of Christians who creep me out. They seemed to be of a self-righteous bent. These are Christians who are frustrated because they limit themselves to tools and…


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Found this old blog post describing how I was "convinced"--PART 2

Here's part 2:

I went to the meeting the next week. I couldn't resist. Those three hours I'd spent at meeting the week before had been the shortest of my life. I felt completely at home. I had read everything I could find on the internet about the Quakers. I had to know if that was a fluke or if that experience was my home, at least for now.

I will say that the next meeting was less impressive than the first, but still excellent.

I managed to show up…


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Found this old blog post describing how I was "convinced"--PART 1

I had almost forgotten how I discovered the Quakers! So I'm grateful that I left detailed comments in my first blog post on this site. Here they are reproduced, from May 17th, 2009 (5th mo. 17, right?):

I'm considering expanding this blog a bit.

One day, I conceived the idea of doing a church crawl - a trip to a different church every week. After much hemming and hawing, I managed to drag a friend along. We went to a Catholic church in an up and coming…


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scriptures and universalism

Post below reposted and adapted from my comment to the discussion following Richard Gordon Zyne's recent post here about his translation of the Taoist scripture.

I'm interested by my reaction to people posting extensively or leaning heavily on from other holy books - not our own scripture - here on Quaker Quaker. I wanted to ask for more explanation of why that is relevant to in this space where we are attempting to be Quakers together, and I guess I didn't do that in a very skillful… Continue

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A new interpretation of the Tao Te Ching for the 21st Century


Richard Gordon Zyne

© Richard Gordon Zyne, 2009


To Paula,

a pure emanation of the ETERNAL SOURCE.


For my wife,

my children,… Continue

Added by Richard Gordon Zyne on 5th mo. 13, 2009 at 8:56pm — 5 Comments

Watching a Dream Grow Up

Watching a Dream Grow Up - The Bridge Film Festival turns 10 in the country where the Society of Friends began.

Ten years ago I returned from summer vacation to begin my second year as a film and video teacher at Brooklyn Friends School with a simple idea to create a film festival that encouraged students to produce work containing… Continue

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San Diego Meeting May Newsletter

(until we get a site that supports this elsewhere)

May Newsletter.pdf

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This Matter of God

Many of the difficulties of atheists... come from the way God has been described to them.

They start wrestling with the question, "Can an infinitely good being be in charge of, be responsible for, this universe full of Historical Events and other forms of suffering?" They see some Christians in terror of this allegedly good and loving being, whom they are told intends to inflict eternal suffering on many people for having turned out Bad--or merely turned out impolite to deities, too… Continue

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Is cooking a divine gift?

Just posted on Hungry Friends about a book that inspired a conversation about many things, including whether good cooks have a certain divine je ne sais quois, or if they just follow cookbooks really well. What do you think?

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Living in the cross

This Pendle Hill Pamphlet I found when I had a moment to dig in Woodbrooke library this weekend is amazing. It's called "Getting rooted: Living in the cross - a path to joy and liberation". PHP #391 by Brian Drayton. One of those texts I where I was saying yes! Yes! to it whilst reading. Because it seems like Drayton's writing about that same Christian experience I try to witness to, badly as I do it.

Check out this bit: Drayton's writing about 1 Cor 2:1-5 (which I have… Continue

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Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger turns 90 tomorrow. There is going to be a big celebration at Madison Sqaure Garden. Performers include Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, Billy Bragg and many more. Pete is certainly a kindred spirit as far as this Quaker is concerned. I saw him once in 2003 at a small congegational church is Greenwich NY and talked with him briefly. I remember asking him who he was reading lately and he mentioned Barbara Kingsolver and Arundhati Roy. I don't know that he professes any religious belief and I… Continue

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I'm Convinced

Hi everyone,

This blog will be documenting my Quaker life, such as it is. I'm not really a Quaker - my parents aren't, and really, I've just been to one meeting in my life. But I was impressed.

This blog will be the thoughts I care to share - perhaps my attempt to clarify my own thinking. It may not be very sociable or agreeable to read. It's hard to say.

I have a background in philosophy of science, history, and applying that to philosophy of religion and other… Continue

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Praying about swine flu

Friends will you pray with me?

Beloved God

You are our reliable protector. You are the one we can lean on and trust, whose strength overcomes sin, death and every evil. You are our teacher and our comforter, you do not fail to come to us when we need you and turn to you in trust. You are the source of our strength and the solid basis of our lives. You are the fountain of unfailing grace and promise, you make a path into peace from each moment of this hurting… Continue

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Death in the family: Philadelphia's Laurence Sigmond

Laurence Sigmond, a Germantown Meeting Friend (and QuakerQuaker member) died in his sleep Wednesday morning. From the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Young Friends page:

Many of you know Carl Sigmond from Young Friends. I have learned that Carl Sigmond's father, Laurence Sigmond, died in his sleep at about 5:00 A.M. this morning,… Continue

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San Diego Meeting newsletter, April

I was wondering if I could do this....

April Newsletter.pdf

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My beloved, Monica Tetzlaff, and I are participating in planning the Illinois Yearly Meeting 2009 Annual Gathering. The next Illinois Yearly Meeting annual sessions will be held June 17-21, 2009, at the historic Illinois Yearly Meeting house in McNabb, Illinois. I am seeking comments and observations from you all. We are setting up workshops now, and suggestions for workshops are welcome on that theme.

Here is the notice that is being sent out:

Illinois Yearly Meeting:… Continue

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