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Being Good Is Not Enough

My partner’s mother hails from conservative small town Texas. Now pushing seventy, I’ve heard her tell the same story on numerous occasions. It must have left quite a lasting impression, as I hear it every time I’m visiting family during the holidays. The latest retelling is…


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Convergent Model of Renewal

I have been reading an e-book called "Convergent Model of Renewal".

As I understand it thus far, the future of Quakerism is a kind of hybrid of Episcopalian, liberation theologian and furry cosplayer.

Mind you, this is probably the most hopeful suggestion I have heard in years...

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A meditation toward imminent awareness (the Holy Spirit or the inshining Light).

There are many of us who are witnessing (living in) an existence wherein our conscious, conscience, meaning, purpose, and identity is established in imminent awareness itself in itself without regard to outward ideas, institutions, scriptures, persons, in political, religious, or economic contexts.  To testify to this way of existence is not in itself an act of judgementalism against an existence anchored in outward forms. It is merely sharing another way of existence.

Here is a…


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THE QUAKER ACTIVIST -- Reducing the Gap between Rich and Poor

                    Announcing the opening of a new blog sponsored                    by the Santa Monica Religious Society of Friends

Last Sunday, March 3, SMFM’s new blog on inequality was unveiled at the Adult Education meeting, following Fellowship. The clerk of the subcommittee of Peace and Social Action formed to study Inequality, Tim Vreeland, made the presentation to a small but appreciative audience using the house television…


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What's Wrong With "Christian Fiction"?

Walking the shelves of my local library, I was surprised to find a label on a book that said "Christian Fiction." It was just above the regular label that makes books findable in  the stacks.

christianfiction Topsham Public Library puts labels on fiction that say FIC, and then below that, again in caps, the first three initials of the author's last name: JAM for a book by Marlon James that I'm reading now. Across the river, Brunswick Public Library puts  labels on fiction that say FIC, then…


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To those whose living Witness is our testimony and who are being led out of outward forms.

There are many of us today whose way of existence or awareness on earth is inherently anchored. That is, our conscious or awareness is inherent in itself and our conscience is formed or informed inherently; our identity, meaning, and purpose is in direct and unmediated awareness itself in itself. This inherent existence is sufficient in itself to sustain awareness and to sustains our identity, meaning, and purpose in all things on this earth. We experience life on earth somewhat like…


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Are we answering that of God in everyone?

What do Quakers say about post-denominationalism?
It depends on what branch of the Quaker tree you ask, or who. It seems as if Quaker’s are only just beginning to discover the other branches of their own tree. I will speak out of the context of the liberal Quaker branch, which is left leaning politically, and with a good dose of universalism and secular…

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A Spirited Defense of the Pastoral System

For the sake of full disclosure and complete transparency, let me state for the record my religious past. I was raised, baptized, and confirmed a United Methodist. At the age of seventeen, well into teenage rebellion, I became a heathen Unitarian Universalist. This lasted for…


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A Monks Garden

“Shield me against my selfishness and my indifference to God and to my neighbor.”

~from the Novena to Saint Benedict

Early spring at the Weston Priory, a Benedictine monastery in Vermont, the monks garden is spare. You will note the bricks in the foreground with the message to “pray”.…


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Some years ago in a lecture series on the Bible given at Pendle Hill, a speaker urged Friends to take back the Bible from the fundamentalists.With more than a decade having passed since that time, Quakers, for the most part, continue to forfeit our responsibility to interpret Scriptures in our particular way, through waiting for guidance from the same Spirit that brought them forth. For too long we have discounted the Scriptures’ use as a reality…


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Receive the Holy Spirit

I will be playing the hireling minister at our local United Church this morning. So for those who object to prepared sermons I apologize now. I'm posting the text in part because I think it speaks to the character of our religious experiences somewhat and so may be of interest to some.

Now our Bibles are whole libraries of stories stretching across thousands of years of storytelling and seasoned liberally with poems, and laws, regulations and promises. But in case you…


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The Significance of William Rogers Historical Documentation written in 1680

William Rogers states in his book "The Christian-Quaker ..." that his specific intent was it is a historical document set down for posterity so that future Children of Light may know the testimony of those founding Quakers who did not follow other founding Quakers who institutionalized those gathered in the inshining Light.

In the First Part of his book Rogers writes on pages 41 and 42:

"Oh, Friends! away with all such discourse, that tells you in one Line, that no Man, Men, no…


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Do not Borrow or Steal in the face of ridicule, innuendo, and characterization.

When the measure of presence or illumination of the inshining Light is so strong and bright that identity, meaning, and purpose, is complete in the Light ( or inherent self-existence) itself without reference to any other outward forms, traditions, feelings, ideologies, institutions, practices, etc., then ridicule, mischaracterization, innuendo, caricature, and illusions, do not deflect or turn from direct Witness (or inherent self-existence) itself in itself. That is, the heritage of…


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Icon or Art?

Let me set the stage; The Buddha is 12 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter, sitting cross-legged with fingertips and thumbs touching in it’s lap. It was carved from 11 pieces of wood and joined together. The room was 16 feet by 20 feet, with a 14 foot ceiling height, dimly lit by back-lighting. Other than the sculpture the only things in the room were two simple benches against the wall. It felt like a small temple.

I was spending the afternoon in the Rhode Island…


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What's "New" About Quakerism

What I find refreshingly "new" in Quakerism (well-established by now) is a mode of corporate self governance designed around the concepts of managing a business, a shared enterprise.

A monthly Business Meeting is deliberately kept open to involvement by the whole community and treasures transparency in its doings, as manifest by the…


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Holy Friday

Then the priest of Drayton, the town of my birth whose name was Nathaniel Stevens, came often to me, and I went often to him; and another priest sometimes came with him; and they would give place to me, to hear me; and I would ask them questions and reason with them. This priest Stevens asked me, why Christ cried out upon the cross, ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ And why he said, ‘If it be possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not my…


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Stages of the Work

In his booklet “A Revolutionary Gospel,” Lewis Benson writes of three stages of work that seventeenth-century Friends undertook: the first in the sequence was turning people to Christ through preaching the Word (the substance of vocal ministry), which reached to the witness of God in others (convincing/convicting of sin); the second stage was settling and establishing the newly convinced, which entailed repentance and amendment of life; and the third was building on this newly laid…


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