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Following Jesus: A Review

Following Jesus: A Review

 I grew up in a secular home.  That means I don’t have a background in Christianity.  As an adult when I turned to religion my first attraction was to Buddhism which I studied intensely for many years.  I mention this to clarify that the Evangelical tradition of Christianity is very far from my own experience.  I have no direct knowledge of this tradition, its views, or its forms of worship. 

 As a Quaker in a Meeting that is affiliated with the…


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How feeling powerless is actually the most powerful position. Christ, Ghandi, Mandella, King were all "powerless" but they let the Spiritual World work through them. Love or good "practice"?

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THE CONCEALER - In this age, I am cut off from the Truth about myself for an indispensable reason – I need to become as strong as possible. That way I can withstand the forces in today’s world. I must be at full capacity and if that means I’m egoistic and filled with myself – then so be it! This is my…


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Inward Activism—Outward Prayer

Every morning before I unroll my yoga mat, I have to resist the urge to go online to check the headlines in the New York Times. I catch myself creeping toward the email in- box before I settle into my rocker for a time of meditative journaling. It’s as if I’m on both ends of a tug-of-war rope, pushed and pulled by inward and outward action. It’s not a new struggle for me; I wrote about it here three years ago in my post …


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60 Seconds of Peace, An Autumn Meditation

Got a minute?

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Pacifism, Not Passivism

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law."

For traditional peace churches like Friends, the above…


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Fighting the War in the Middle East

My open letter to: the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Mr. Prime Minister

You have led us into the bloody fray of east/west confrontation where the actual front line of aggression has been and remains where intolerant, extremist Islamists desire to eradicate, annihilate a Jewish homeland by provoking and setting-up the Palestinians against their…


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Listening and Visioning

The following is the text of a message delivered during worship by ESR student Travis Etling as part of the ESR Board of Advisors meeting on September 28, 2014. 

I think that a robust religious imagination helps us to think about the future. Vision has to…


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Justice Denied

What follows has been weighing on my heart. I have a bit of a personal quandary that is testing my Quaker faith and my belief in pacifism. I would greatly appreciate your advice and feedback, should you be so led. Any good ideas are taken in good order and with gratitude. You don't have to be a Quaker or even have a belief in any God to state…


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July's Spiritual Wrestling



Feel free re-print any of these in your meeting newsletter - thanks to those who have informed me when they have done so.


Remembering one another is a celebration - let's practice little acts of kindness and love.

7/6 –…


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The Case of Inclusive vs. Exclusive

Inc.: As "that of God" applies to all people, so the Court of Quaker Opinion supports the inclusive nature of Quakerism.

Exc.: Then why the designation "Society", which derives from the Latin "partner, or companion"?

Inc.: We are a collective, or corporate, body of seekers.

Exc.: Never having graduated from "University", which derives from the Latin "collective, or crowd".

Inc.: Then we should change from being seen as a company to broadening our reach as a…


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Back-patting Activism, Bandwagon Jumping, and Feminist Thoughts

I know I’m late arriving to the action, but I wanted to reference the recent Emma Watson speech before the UN regarding women’s rights. Watson’s rhetoric, overly simplistic and incomplete as it is, nevertheless implores men to take part in the struggle of women. On this point I do enthusiastically…


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I am your checkbook, your check register, your credit card statement, your Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree accounts, or the way in which you make note of how you spend your money. I am the vapor trail of YOUR Spirit moving into Matter – into your Life.

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Watchfullness in times of ease and satisfaction.

Watchfullness in times of ease and satisfaction. Presence sustained.

In times of freedom from outward constraint and care, a sense of satisfaction in acomplishment can overshadow the sense of Presence so that unity and identity in the Light fades against outward accomplishment; self-consciousness anchors outwardly and conscious becomes informed by outward sense of the ease of things. However, this inward dimming is forestalled when watchfullness combines with intention; just on the…


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The Activity of Prayer

The Activity of Prayer

Martin recently featured a post on the ‘Spiritual/Activist’ divide amongst Friends.  It is from a blog by Lynn, a birthright Quaker whose blog, ‘The Friendly Seeker’, is thoughtful and insightful.  Lynn’s post is called ‘Corporate Witness’ and it can be found here:

Because I find myself on the…


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Song of the Spirit

Detail “psalm 161″

I first observed a Scarlet Tanager last week. It is a rare bird to see because it lives it’s life in the forest canopy. However it has a very distinctive song that is easily identified once known.…

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The Day Self is the ash of the flame which lights the Night – the ash of YOUR flame as you unfold. Your Night Self is the invisible Night Flame which is the inner fire in the soul, the sense of Self which you dimly see fluttering just out of sight on rare occasions, the power you weep to unfurl in the day.

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A Quaker view of Jubilee

The English physicist Isaac Newton had a bit of thing about the number seven; so convinced was he that it was the number God had chosen to order the universe, that he looked for it everywhere. He was convinced that the Sun had seven planets, that the rainbow was made up of seven colours and that the number seven was at the heart of all creation.

Unfortunately, any five year old will ask the question ‘Isn’t indigo just dark blue?’, and put a hole through his argument. Of course it is… Continue

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The Nonviolent Life

The following is a review of John Dear's book, The Nonviolent Life, by ESR student Christie Walkuski. Dear is the keynote speaker for ESR's 2014 Ministry of Writing Colloquium on October 31-November 1.  You can learn more about that event and register online hereAs we lead up to the Colloquium, you are invited to join the ESR community in reading The Nonviolent Life during the…


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Stormy Meeting

If emotions are like the weather, the storm clouds have formed on the Mountain Range and other peaks are "raining on my parade". All the peaks in disagreement about my proposal and are shrouded in clouds. Why? Nothing is clear.

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