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Quakerism's inherent subversion of the state

In part as a response to comments on a recent QuakerQuaker post about whether Friends should engage the political system at all, this post is meant to stimulate further…


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Today's Untouchables: Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are the foremost pariahs of our current day. In opinion polls, even intravenous drug users place higher. A recent series of high profile cases involving child sexual abuse have revealed the maddening frequency…

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Perhaps Aporia

Plato's "Symposium" presents the original poverty of humanity("Penia") as gaining the advantage over the intoxicating abundance of culture("Poros") in order to create the unanswerable query/mystery("Eros").

No wonder Friends have difficulty in both identifying and naming The Word Made Flesh. No wonder science scratches its head at the puzzle that is nature and nurture. No wonder the human body, an open-armed image of the cross, is the doubted means to salvation.



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The Case of Energy vs. Matter

Energy: In the Spirit of Quaker Opinion, we propose, for the Court's consideration, the energy of life.

Matter: The positive force of matter or the negative force of gravity?

Energy: Er, well, we're speaking, then, of the spiritual energy of life.

Matter: Again, the positive or the negative sort?

Energy: The sort that some people have tapped into for spiritual understanding.

Matter: As they understand how positive and negative forces of energy…


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" ... without reference to any gathered people ..."

John Barclay 

Hastings, in Sussex, 8th mo. 1837

Many there are, who have retired from all other persuasions and systems, and walk much alone in religion, and these often say, Friends are not what they once were; that they unite with G. Fox, Barclay, &c, but not with modern Friends. Many hidden, precious, seeking characters there are, scattered up and down ; so that I have been ready to think the messengers will have to go more into the highways…


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Response to George Amos's post "Only Love Remains"

“But today we know that Paul’s expectation of God’s imminent kingdom, an expectation which he seems to have shared with Jesus and his disciples, was mistaken. Injustice, horror, and death have not been vanquished; the “new heavens and new earth in which justice dwells” (2 Pet. 3:13) have not appeared. The possibility of faith and hope as Paul understood them is ended for us not by the eschaton but by its failure.”

I disagree with this conclusion, George. If one looks outward at social…


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     I am your mask. Inside me is the other person you're working on becoming - the imperfect, but REAL you. Inside your mask is your true character. Or so you hope.  You went with that common advice -'fake it until you make…


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The Story of Jesus Matters More

Over the weekend, I watched a well-made documentary. It discussed how the language and content of the New Testament changed considerably from the time of Jesus to hundreds of years later. During the program, multiple biblical scholars were interviewed, and many of them disputed the…


Added by Kevin Camp on 4th mo. 7, 2014 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Reconciling My Faith With Being Gay

ESR student Justimore Musombi - originally from Kenya - delivered the following message in ESR Worship on March 27, 2014. 



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That Which Is Eternal

Please join me in looking to that which is eternal. This is not the new season of your favorite TV show. This is not your latest "take" on life or health or even spirituality. This is especially not your mind - that Friends rarely but truly speak to now and again(especially at YM or Conference Sessions).

"That of God" is that which is eternal - or have you forgotten that the real you/personality is meant to live forever? Are you ready and willing to have the real you known by…


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How to Serve as God's Representative

You must not be proud of one of God’s teachers more than another. What are you so puffed up about? What do you have that God hasn’t given you? And if all you have is from God, why act as though you are so great, and as though you have accomplished…


Added by Kevin Camp on 4th mo. 5, 2014 at 2:29pm — 1 Comment

Lenten Meditation

This is the fifth meditation on the various panels of the Passion of Christ fresco in the church of Tenna, Switzerland. The fresco was painted by an unknown artist around 1408. It was intended as an illustrated bible for the predominantly illiterate settlers and mountain farmers in this remote valley of Switzerland.…


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Guns v. Butter?

FCNL is at it again in their latest video. On the one hand, they rightly question maintaining ridiculously high military spending and the Pentagon's efforts to hold on to higher budgets in times of relative peace. On the other hand, however, they employ an outmoded "guns v. butter" approach to the federal budget, suggesting that any reduction in military spending should necessarily lead to a spending spree for any number of other priorities - this is what they call "The Peace…


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     We were raised on fairy tales, loose parts and pocketknives. Our breakfast cereal was robbery served in refrigerator cardboard boxes. We treasured “potential-filled junk”. We were inventors, heroes, bad guys, prisoners and monsters. Someone suffered - tragically. There were bruises earned by freedom and exploration. We lunched on possibilities and inspiration. We roamed mountain tops and captured…


Added by Jean Yeager on 4th mo. 1, 2014 at 3:49pm — 2 Comments

"They don't care about us."

I heard these words spoken last week by Mr. Harold Brown, a life-long New Orleans resident.  William Penn House and students from Sidwell Friends School participating in a Workcamp were taking the first steps of what will be a lengthy process of bringing at least a smidgen of justice to this man who has suffered from the political, corporate and community corruption that has followed Katrina relief.  See more about this…


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New Meetings - New Website!

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The Case of Certainty vs. Truth

Certainty: Perhaps the Court of Quaker Opinion knows the importance of certainty for belief.

Truth: Perhaps certainty is not truth, and is less important than doubt for arriving at truth.

Certainty: The joy accompanying certainty witnesses to its personal worth.

Truth: The strength accompanying truth witnesses to the world its lasting endurance.

Certainty: My experience is validated by certainty.

Truth: Love is the only true validation of a human life.…


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My mentors: "If you are interested in it, don't read what others say, experience it yourself."

As a young man, I had a number of  natural history mentors. These men and women were woods-people who organized their lives in such a way that they experienced the natural world to the fullest. They didn't read about the natural histories of the various species in the natural world, they experienced the natural histories personally. They knew the natural history of a species because they observed a species' natural history directly ... immediately ... without borrowing their experience from…


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A Sunny Fund

I call for a Sunny Fund.  The fund's goal is to inhibit climate change through product innovation.

In the 1950s the purpose of the March of Dimes was to end polio.  They funded the Salk vaccine, then the Sabin vaccine.  Then they declared victory over polio and moved on.

I know of a number of tinkerers in the U.S., all underfunded or self-funded, who do good work.  I want them funded and better organized.

At the FGC gathering in River Falls a lone engineer set up…


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A Response to Madeline Schaefer from a Quaker Mystic

A Response to Madeline Schaefer from a Quaker Mystic

First, I appreciate the willingness to both name and discuss the division between the Mystics and the Activists in the Quaker Community of our day.  It is an issue that is close to me, as I think of myself as a mystic and often feel, to varying degrees, alienated from the activist focus of so many Quakers individuals and Quaker organizations.

My take on this is that contemporary Quaker activism is a part of the largely…


Added by Jim Wilson on 3rd mo. 27, 2014 at 10:56am — 31 Comments

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