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Not so among us ...

As it has been all along the history of human beings' renunciation of its measure of inknowing through the power of the direct illumination of Presence itself, today people gather around and are enchanted simulations or shadows of life rather than the Life itself. Men and woman (ministers, philosophers, theologians, teachers, politicians, political and religious activists) fashion religious and secular ideological, theological, political, institutional, and scriptural simulations of…


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Grieving, part 3

Sorry for the lengthy absence! This is the third part of a series that was published in the local paper, again with light editing.

“Suppose,” Abraham asks God, “there were fifty righteous people in Sodom; would you really sweep away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people within it?”

When confronted with the possibility of a loss, it is natural to bargain. If the boss threatens to fire us, we may offer to work harder, or maybe take a pay-cut. If a…


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Fear and the Quaker Process

Amy Outlaw writes that there is only Love or Fear.  I agree that Fear is an impediment to Love.  A strong one.  It's also an impediment to the Quaker Process that relies on access to the divine to find what action a community or meeting is to take.  There is a fear that if we actually sought with all our heart to determine what the Divine was calling us to do it might require us to do something we intellectually will not accept.  At stake is our Identity.  Everyone has an Identity.  It's…


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Has The One who calmed the water handed this over to us and our "Science"? 

Why does the Lady of The Lake not arise?

Are there no modern metaphors to buoy us?

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The March for Life and the Limits of Religious Choice

I was on the subway yesterday on my way to an appointment. As I approached the platform, about to board the train, I noticed that at least four cars, maybe more, were completely full. Their contents were high school students, girls exclusively. By means of identification, they wore the same knit caps in purple and…


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They will tell you they have answers

They'll tell you they have the answer.

When your up against the concrete

on the diagonal beneath life and death.

Floating under the bridge in between the space were cold becomes warm,

and death is life.

They will come to you with their answers and promises.

Though their promises don't inspire, because they are expired.

When your soul aches,

In the solitude of heart break,

Peace is creased in the fold of the expressed; in the space where hate…


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The Spirit begins in the conscience.

So that the true church government being in the Spirit, and over the conscience as in the sight of God, the great care must be to keep it within its bounds, that nothing else govern but the Spirit, and that the government be extended only unto that which is to be governed.

First, Care must be had that nothing govern in the church of Christ, but the spirit of Christ: that nothing else teach; nothing else exhort; nothing else admonish and reprove ; nothing else cut off and…


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The wind From The Future

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Love conquors all

When I was younger it was quite common to hear "Love conquers all".  Not so much now.  Maybe Divorce has beaten it down.  I don't know.  But I suggest that it's true:  Love does conquer all!.  I think if Adam had just admitted to God that he ate the forbidden fruit out of love of Eve and fear of losing her mankind's story might be entirely different.  But instead Adam threw Eve under the Bus and we have had to spend all these years learning that Love not only conquers all but LOVE IS…


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All About That "Base"

[Creative Commons License Image via]

My worshiping community, the Live Oak Friends Meeting, has a new floor. And it's a big…


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Talk About Race


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To Become a White Ally

The sun was setting on the August night my husband and I tuned our television to an empty courtroom in Ferguson, Missouri. Along with thousands of other Americans, we awaited the verdict of the grand jury’s review of police officer Darren Wilson’s actions in the death of Michael Brown. Finally, Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch read for several minutes from a statement that acquitted Officer Wilson.

I found the jury’s decision hard to believe, despite McCulloch’s detailed account…


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Who is worthy to receive the totally amazing, shocking and surprising gift? YOU are!

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The Hungry Quaker

Once upon a time there was a hungry Quaker.  He consumed & collected everything he thought would make him what he truly felt inside he was meant to be.  He knew he was meant to rise above everyone else and be special and so he consumed & collected the nicest things he could afford and in some cases things he had to borrow to get;  he traveled places he thought would allow him to soar above everyone he knew; he consumed things not only for himself but his family as well.  Finally he…


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Transparency and the Quaker Meeting

I was gently eldered (disciplined) earlier in the week for the content of some of my writings, here and in other venues. As I was told, many Friends see Meeting for Worship as a safe, confidential space. From time to time, I've incorporated the goings on and individual vocal ministry of Worship into writing material. Real…


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ARE we caught in the mental cage of our past?

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Today's Quote: Lord Byron

“Her great merit is finding out mine – there is nothing so amiable as discernment.” — Lord Byron via

[Cartoon chat bubbles

Public Domain image by…


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PILGRIMAGE IN MYSTICAL SHOES - What are you walking In?

I started this blog just over a year ago to make a Pilgrimage - to consciously walk in Mystical Shoes. What's that? I set out wearing Mystical Shoes down a long timeline and attempted to write things that are imaginative, spinal and essential. Your feet – and your shoes – are where…


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Not so among us ...

As it has been all along the history of human beings' renunciation of its measure of inknowing…See More
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Grieving, part 3

Sorry for the lengthy absence! This is the third part of a series that was published in the local…See More

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