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Lay down all outward weapons of war ... physical and ideological.

Lay down outward ideological weapons as you lay laid down outward hardware of war. Stop ideological warfare nurtured in the nursery of the outward political, religious, social, and economic, powers and principles of this world.

Christ is come again into this world, inshining into our conscious and conscience. This inshining is an unwinding from a conscious anchored in and a conscience informed around the orbits of outward religious, political, social, and economic, ideological… Continue

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Online Version of William Rogers 1680 text "The Christian Quaker..."

In 1680 Friend William Rogers published a book documenting why some founding Friends were not of the same conscience as George Fox (and those who followed him) concerning the institutionalization of the gathering of Friends by establishing a specific set of outward forms and practices.

The following links comprise the whole of Rogers' work in the form of a facsimile of the original text. This is not a modernized form of the text. It is a copy I have compiled of the 17th century text… Continue

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Haiku for today

Bees work on yellow

centers with a focused joy.

May I live so true.

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Story for you from a Quaker retired in Mexico:

     Living in Mexico                

     When we arrived at “our farm.” three Adventist children that we know well came over, as they always do, to…


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New essay at NFF: The Antipathy Between Prophecy and Religion

Lewis Benson was a Friend of the last century whose life's work was the study and interpretation of George Fox's writings and the presentation of their meaning and significance to modern Quakers. Workers who have joined in this labor go by the name of New Foundation Fellowship. At our website, we have opened a new resource of Benson's writings, and we will add new essays every so often. Our first offering is titled "The Antipathy Between Prophecy and Religion"; it can be…


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Revisiting 911

[ originally from my Grain of Sand ]

I think I'll do a 9-11 post a couple days early.  That's my wedding anniversary, true for many.  We booked the Rhododendron Garden, and although we had a backup plan, in case it rained, it didn't. That was 1993.

My parents suffered their car crash, fatal to my dad, in October, 2000.  I'd been to Lesotho to help with the aftermath, Julie taking over.  On September 11,…


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Option "SURE"

 >> The ... to increase its monthly charge by 140 percent

- Move to gSites - it's free. While it is less fancy,  for this kind of organisation may prove even better.
  Quakers are still know for simplicity.

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Big changes coming but need your help!

Hi QuakerQuaker readers,

The biggest changes in half a decade are coming to QuakerQuaker. The service that powers the main website is about to increase its monthly charge by 140 percent. When I first picked Ning to host the three-year-old QuakerQuaker project in 2008, it seemed like a smart move. Ning had recently been founded by tech world rock stars with access to stratospheric-level funds. But it never quite got traction…


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Why not preach Philemon?

ESR's Stephen Angell delivered the following message during worship on September 6, 2016:
Although Paul’s epistle to Philemon is one of the Scriptural texts suggested by the Revised…

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New Circuit Designs for Motherboard Earth

[ originally on wholesys-l discussion list in 1995, later published by Electronic Frontier Foundation and a Mensa newsletter in Canada. Early "manifesto" introducing "GST" (general systems theory) ]…


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Every moment is worhip.

Every moment is worship.

The inshining Light is immanently present in all things throughout the day, even the most mundane. While I Preserve fruits and vegetables, I am in worship. While I spend time with other people I am in worship.

It occurs to me that I am always in worship. I do not go somewhere or someplace to worship. I do not set up special times or practices to facilitate worship. I am in worship wherever or in whatever place I happen to be.

This… Continue

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From a Quaker retired in Mexico on his wife's birthday:

Leaving Home Long ago a very young Blanca got up at 4 am in a deep Mexican countryside, boarded an ancient grandfather bus, waved goodbye to sad parents through grimy, cracked windows. This bus with a front nose whose hood must be raised occasionally for man/machine dialogues, followed winding rutted roads up, up, up bump, sway. Sudden fog, then clear, then fog, tilting, jarring, dirt horse roads, rocks, cliffs, strange leaves larger than herself, sudden vistas hundreds of blue mountains,…


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How It Should Have Gone (The Proper Way to Resolve Concerns)

I write again about the best way a contentious situation in a Meeting might be resolved. It's easier to use myself as an example. Below is one way that Meeting concerns might best be resolved, concerns best put aside as responsibly as possible, with a minimum of hurt feelings…


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Thou Shalt Not Tax

When asked whether or not the Jewish people should pay taxes to Rome, Jesus famously told the pharisees, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21).  This passage is often used by Christians to justify the practice of taxation.…


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I think we tend to miss the point of the teaching story misnamed “The Good Samaritan” (Luke 10:25-37).

Almost always our focus is on the people who passed by the “man who fell among thieves” and the one who stopped, instead of on the framing questions by which Jesus signaled the living spirit of the story.

A lawyer asks Jesus how to attain eternal life. When Jesus challenges him to find…


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Internal Memorandum (NPYM IT Committee)

npym-it-discuss content may be forwarded by any subscriber.  I'm sharing a recent memo (by me) here to give a snapshot of a regional body of Beanite branch Friends taking care of IT / business.

From: kirby urner <>

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 12:26:43 -0700

Subject: update on Regional Directory design (future plans)

To: npym-it-discuss <>…


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Religious Education

Given I'd "glommed on" to Wittgenstein, as my thesis advisor Richard Rorty might have put it, as a user of the verb "to glom," I found myself wandering over to the Religion Department half the time.

Victor Prellar was there, in Religion.  He'd been an Anglican priest in one chapter, I think it was, and now he was sharing Wittgenstein with higher level students.  Princeton includes a small grad school, although it prides itself on its focus on undergrads.  I was invited, as an…


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North Carolina Yearly Meeting: An ESR Visitor’s Standpoint

ESR's Steve Angell attended this summer's annual sessions of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM), and shares his reflection on the gathering:
In separate conversations, two…

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Offering Refuge to the World's Weary

A "refugee" is "someone seeking refuge" which quickly expands to us all in meditation or prayer. 

Whole communities came to the New World on those dangerous watercraft, seeking liberty, freedom from persecution, the right to be left alone.  Relationships were continued, at a village level.

Thinking of refugee camps as full of solitary individuals, each needing a desk job and a bus pass, a separate singleton existence, is of course unrealistic. 

Extended families often do…


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What's A Liberal?

I realized somewhat acutely, in some recent discussions here on Q2, that we're sometimes miles apart in our use of terms, without even realizing it sometimes.

In looking over archival copies of what dad and his team put together, for Libya, looking ahead some twenty or more years, I'm impressed by a confidant 1960s, a time of going to the moon. 

Urban planning was something to get a degree in, a new discipline in the US. I was born while dad was finishing up his PhD studies at…


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