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I found this old memory in my heart. A joy not used up. You and a photo and old longings set aside. Can there be an old frontier of the heart?

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Simplicity Ain't As Easy As It Looks

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The alternate title considered for this post was, “What Was I Thinking?”

I was sort of on a roll for awhile, posting here several times a week, engaging with comments on the …


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Discarding the Similitudes or Masks.

Witnessing to Presence as air.

Generally speaking, we don't argue over breathing air. I mean, there are no groups advocating for a particular way of breathing air. There are no air intake traditions. There are no groups running around advocating for a particular philosophy or theology of breathing. Furthermore, there are no political groups or politicians advocating against people who do not breath the correct way or groups who would persecute others who do not breath the way they…


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Quakers & Christian Universalism: A Call for Blog Post Writers

Today, after centuries of Christendom’s affirmations that “Jesus is the answer,” he is free at last to be the question again. After centuries in which Christian adherence served as a conformist cloak of social respectability for many, whatever their misgivings, confusions, and hypocrisies, the unabashed Christian is now rather suspect in growing sectors of western society. Now it is getting interesting! After centuries in the gilded cage of officially sanctioned…

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Winning Friends and Ignoring the Rest

Earlier last week I wrote about a Quaker resource center in DC, William Penn House, under threat of closure. Since then, it has been established that the…


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Reasons for the Peace Testimony

About a decade ago, I was curious about the reasons for the peace testimony and whether they had changed over time, and so I read a number of statements from different yearly meetings and other corporate bodies of Friends that had been written over the centuries. The list of excerpted reasons follows below.

 This exercise came to mind when I read Jim Wilson's blog post "Why I am not a Progressive Quaker." I share Jim's dislike of the "hyper-individualism which has led to the…


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Grieving , part 4

When thinking about the process of grief, depression is probably what comes to most people’s minds. Whether someone you care about has died, you’ve lost a job, or a relationship has ended, it’s natural to be sad. But depression is more than just being sad. It can also be feeling irritable and restless. Or it could be feeling “empty” inside, and not enjoying the things you used to do. Sometimes it shows up as feeling guilty about being happy at all after a loss, because you feel as though you…


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Save the William Penn House

The William Penn House has been a crucial hub of Quaker activity in Washington, DC, since 1966. It is a combination of watering hole and resource center where many of our local activities are scheduled. William Penn House, named after one of the most influential Friends ever, has been a…


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Terrorism and Presence

The US President and officials in his administration believe in outward remedies to the ills of this world based upon their adherence to particular political, secular, and religious philosophies. The basic idea that, if you acknowledge and address the grievances of people (like use government to give them jobs) they will stop terrorising and killing is political agenda based on the false assumption that outward lack is the cause of killing and terrorism. The cause of terrorism is a conscious…


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Read an interesting article on the religious aspects of ISIS.  Reading the article reminded me of many of my own experiences as I started on my spiritual journey.  The article points out that the people of ISIS believe they are on a spiritual mission  It's my experience that you don't get this kind of fervor and the results they have achieved without some spiritual support.  In the old Testament there are several instances where nations rose up and seized power and even took the Isrealites…


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Life grows more arduous for us as we become more spiritually challenged.

I hope your fate and your star line up.

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Martha & Mary

Martha & Mary  -  Even though knowing that the possibility ahead of him might be his own death and the destruction of Iraq, President Saddam Hussein described the 1991 Gulf War as the ‘Mother of All Battles’. It was not a boast. He knew what he was talking about. Saddam has long left the stage, yet today we look towards the Middle East and even within our own borders with fear knowing that something has gone terribly wrong.

Here in Canada our focus…


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Chopin's Disciplined Freedom

Pianist Byron Janis recently shared his thoughts on what makes "Chopin Chopin" in a column for the Wall…


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Quaker Youth Leadership Conference 2015


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New Blog Post: "North American Liberation Theology II: Doing Liberation Theology in North America"

New Blog Post: "North American Liberation Theology II: Doing Liberation Theology in North America"


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Why I'm Not a Progressive Quaker

Why I’m Not a Progressive Quaker

In 2014 Chuck Fager, a dedicated activist, peaceworker, and Quaker historian, as well as the publisher of the thoughtful journal ‘Quaker Theology’, published two books on the history of Progressive Friends.  One is called Angels of Progress; it is a documentary history of Progressive Friends.  In Angels Fager recovers many significant episodes in the history of the Progressives and the writings wherein they defined themselves and…


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A brilliant person knows that it is unfortunate that the Divine Right to Rule has been replaced by The Group - after all, God gave her the "gift" of intelligence, a quick tongue and enthusiasm, right?

Here is what she decided to do.

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