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Mine is a very small, digital boat called a blog which sails on a very big electronic ocean called the World Wide Web.  It seems like many of us are castaways in our digital age.

It's almost as if the Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellite net over our head and the gizmos which capture our attention, create in…


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Trigger Warnings: You'll Know Them When You See Them

I experienced substantial trauma early in life. Piecing together the few memories I have of those times has produced a skeletal narrative, one that has frequently frustrated me. From time to time, mild side effects of what is probably PTSD crop up. Sometimes I experience…


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Give all things over to inward Presence ... deepen down in the midst of it all.

In all the circumstances of the days and hours, I am the living presence the abstract mind overshadows with the promise of rationalization. Cares and concerns, fears and anxiety, joy and exhilaration, are given over to the workings of the rational mind to resolve or exercise. I move within and between the outward ideological and emotional manifestations that flow to the rational mind from those respective realms.

Enter the restful watch within even in the midst of circumstances of the…


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I have this obsession with the soul and people keep telling me it's not important.  I keep insisting that it is saying that we are living souls but we act like our physical bodies represent who we really are.  As I was driving around today thinking of this dialogue a thought occurred.  How much time do we spend deciding what to wear and what to eat?  And how much time do we spend on the condition of our soul and what we feed it?  The answer should give us an idea of how we value our physical…


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Quakers and the Doctrine of Discovery

The Doctrine of Discovery is a legal principle that still informs American jurisprudence. In the 1828 Supreme Court case Johnson v. M'Intosh, "Chief Justice John Marshall justified…


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The Case of Meantime vs. Endtime

Meantime: Sparing the Court of Quaker Opinion the wait, we live in the "Here and  Now" as gift, or the present.

Endtime: Forgetting the inevitability of human death/destruction, and missing the opportunity for reconciliation, or the eternal present.

Meantime: Doing the most good in the little time we have upon this earth?

Endtime: Uniting with, as well as answering, that of God in each other.

Meantime: Before it's too late to do so?

Endtime: As the only way…


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I am neither inclusive nor exclusive ...

In moments of inclusiveness, I am there. In moments of exclusiveness, I am there. I am neither inclusive nor exclusive and I am both inclusive and exclusive ... I am. In me neither is the principle ... I am the Principle; I am the Agenda.

 Yea, and he that hath faith, and can see beyond an other, yet can have it to himself, and not disturb his brother with it, but can descend and walk with him according to his measure; and if his brother have any heavy burthen upon…


Added by Keith Saylor on 7th mo. 19, 2014 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

a small rescue kit for those who suffer from trying to be good

Take from me the desire to look like a good person (anymore, to anyone).

It's not that we aren't all people trying to be free and right and gentle to others but the fact is that being good is a boogyman.  

There is no "being good".  That's a fallacy and always incomplete information -- and always failing to consider who was generous to us or made it easy on us, or our clarity about how righteous we…

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A Queer Vocal Ministry That Led to Controversy

Before I write another word, I need to qualify my remarks. What follows is not an attempt to retaliate or to prove my superiority. I'll use my exact words from a listserve post that appears to have upset many people. Truthfully, I have probably read the entire page-long…


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Thoughts on a Quaker Monasticism

In the series I have been posting on 'Intepreting Our Past' I was leading up to the idea of Quaker Monasticism.  But Martin beat me to it by featuring the blog that discusses the 'New Monasticism' and its possible application to the Quaker community.  I'm glad the subject has come up.  Here are a few comments:

1. I think the biggest obstacle to a Quaker Monasticism is that modern Quakers, both liberal and evangelical, have rejected their Quietist heritage.  The period of Quietism…


Added by Jim Wilson on 7th mo. 16, 2014 at 10:49am — 8 Comments

Speaking Plainly in Languages Other Than English

Those among us who are English-speaking Friends usually don't use plain speech anymore*, as there is no reason to (in my opinion, of course), seeing as though the word "you" is now understood as being socially applicable to everyone we speak to. I would like to ask whether those who speak languages that do make a "thee"/"you" sort of distinction (such as Spanish with "tú" and "Usted") speak plainly while using that language. For example, one speaking plainly in Spanish would…


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This is all about Love and Armor and Tenderness. Vulnerability and Brokenness. Maybe we can meet in our Brokenness.  Neither one of us is good at giving or receiving. We need practice. Meet in our brokenness and…


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The Road Less-Travelled

According to Pink Dandelion, Quakers have resurrected the low-speed, two-lane, unlimited access road. Actually, he writes(in An Introduction To Quakerism): "...a Seeker C type...operate a doctrine of the 'absolute perhaps' and they operate it in a prescriptive way. In other words, these Friends are zealous, even fundamentalist, about their theological stance."

Thankfully, the way offered provides for the slow-moving plain-conservatives to enter the fray in one lane…


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Personal Identity. I am the Presence of Christ.

I am Christened. I am Presence ... awaken by Grace to eternity. I am divine light. I am the thing itself. The thing itself is within and without me. I am faith in the mystery of pure consciousness and pure conscience. Eternal identity, eternal life, is sustained through immediate being/Being in direct knowledge and experience of Presence; not in abstract ideas about the Life. I am not an object to be talked about or trapped in outward intellectual and institutional forms. I am Presence and…


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Pearls Before Swine

This is a response to a vocal ministry I gave this past week. I would very much like to know your thoughts and life experiences. I'm sure there are some very rich, very enlightening stories that would encourage everyone's comprehension and contribution.

First of all, here are the two Scriptural passage…


Added by Kevin Camp on 7th mo. 12, 2014 at 9:30am — 4 Comments

Queer Activism: When We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

I shared this column with a non-Quaker audience earlier in the week. Now I'd like to lay it before you and see how you feel about what I've written. Though my criticisms are sharp, they are not intended to be deliberately hurtful. Here I've described cultural aspects which beg for revision.


A year and a half ago, I attended a…


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Interpreting Our Past: Part 5

Quietism and Abolition

 Quakers are proud of their abolitionist heritage.  The story of how Quakers confronted their own complicity in slavery and then, over a period of time, rejected that institution, is one that is often told.  John Woolman’s transformation on this issue, and his dedicated, and effective, campaign to remove slavery and slaveholders from the Society of Friends is inspiring and often held as an ideal to which modern Quakers should aspire and model their own behavior…


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Presence in the midst ... in the vernacular of Presence.

I am there when anger or joy approaches from the realm of feeling. I am there when another manifests anger or joy. I am there when a wonderful or compelling thought approaches from the realm of ideas. I am Presence between the manifestations of thought and feeling.

Re-turn to me amidst all the thoughts and feelings that approach. I am the Peace in the midst of all clamor; opening a quiet space to live the Life. I save Presence within so that eternity lives even as the realms of…


Added by Keith Saylor on 7th mo. 9, 2014 at 12:29pm — 1 Comment

Speaking Plainly

The last couple of days I’ve been squarely in the middle of an lengthy academic debate. Each argument is full of so many arcane terms that making it through it is painful. Truthfully, it gives me a headache. Recognizing that, I understand why Quakers placed such an emphasis on speaking plainly and with…


Added by Kevin Camp on 7th mo. 8, 2014 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

“Saint Siddhārtha: Making the Buddha a Christian” - from Before Religion, by Brent Nongbri

Brent Nongbri is a post-doctoral research fellow in early Christianity at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. His 2013 book, Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept, offers a corrective to the modern concept of religion “as…


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