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At 1:58am on 4th mo. 24, 2011, jeremy hardin mott said…

Hello Denny and Paula,  Paula, you can be pleased and should also be

grateful to the Friends long ago (maybe 1940 or so) who created

your Columbus meeting.  Nothing like this happened in Salem, even

though it was once a major Quaker center.  Once the Hicksite meeting

was laid down, it was never replaced.  It is great to learn that Friends

from Lake Erie Y.M. are among those on Quaker Quaker.

     Hicksite Quakerism never entirely disappeaared in Ohio.  In

Quaker geography,  the southwest corner of the state has always

been entirely different from the rest.  The FGC meetings in that

area belonged (and still do belong) to Indiana Y.M. (FGC), now

renamed Ohio Valley Y.M. 

Denny, it's hard to explain the terrible decline of Quakerism in

Ohio.  Perhaps the four-way split, with Friends from all over

(even England for the second split in the 1850's) coming to watch,

helps to explain things.  The Civil War no doubt did much to

destroy Ohio Quakerism,  The Progressives were more important

among Friends in Ohio than elsewhsre.  Once the Civil War was

over, the Ohio Progressives pretty much disintegrated---as if

Quakers no longer had any work to do in the world.  Many scholars

believe that the influx of non-Friends  into our Society in the

post-Civil-War years did much to explain how most Friends

 became a species of evangelical Protestants, much like the others.

        For an overview of Quakerism during the 1800's,  I urge all

readers here to read the Autobiography of Allen Jay, just now

published by Friends United Press,

       Blessings,     Jeremy Mott

At 4:53pm on 4th mo. 23, 2011, Paula Deming said…

Hi, Jeremy,

Wow, I learn something new here every day! Thank you for the history lesson. My family spent two generations in Salem, Ohio, before pushing on to Iowa. I had no idea that Hicksite Friends disappeared from Ohio at that point.

I am pleased to report that several of us from Lake Erie Yearly Meeting--here at North Columbus Friends--are active on Quakerquaker. Word of mouth.... ;D

Yours in the Light, Paula

At 11:08am on 4th mo. 23, 2011, Denny Barnes said…
Oooops! The Plymouth Meeting in today's Bartlett, Ohio was founded in 1837.
At 11:06am on 4th mo. 23, 2011, Denny Barnes said…

Are you related to Sarah Mott (mother) and Daniel Mott (s0n) who appear to have founded the Plymouth Meeting (now Bartlett, Ohio) in about 1937? They were distant relatives of James Mott husband of Lucretia Mott. I have noted your references to Quaker history.

I am trying to understand what happened to my ancestors' Quaker faith in the period 1840-1880. It seems there was much tumult in the Quaker community in Ohio.

My Great Great Grandfather William Smith Heald was an abolitionist who operated a "Station" on the Underground Railroad near Bartlett. I believe he was a member of the Plymouth (Bartlett) Meeting and had ties to the Chesterhill Quaker Community north of Barlett.

Something happened. By the early 1900's, nobody in my family tree was a practicing Quaker. Could it be the Hicksite/Wilburite/Gurnseyite rifts? Could it be the impact of the Civil War? Did Westward migration dilute their beliefs? I am not sure and am trying to understand.

My interest is not academic. Suddenly I have a great longing to know something of my Quaker ancestors' spirituality. Pretty odd considering I am living in modern Shanghai, a megalopolis of 14 million people hellbent on making money as fast as possible and living in a completely materialistic secular world.

Thanks for any guidance.
At 3:28pm on 2nd mo. 4, 2011, Paula Deming said…

Very interesting, Jeremy!

I checked our meetinghouse library catalog, but didn't find anything by a Louise Jones, alas.

My family left Iowa to go to Oregon, near The Dalles, but it was my impression this was just a family matter, as my greatgrandfather and his brother (Quaker) joined my greatgrandmother's uncle (nonQuaker) to try sheepranching. Most of the rest of the family migrated shortly thereafter with a lot of other Quakers to Altadena, California. I believe Nixon's family were part of that migration as well.

Although West Liberty and Indianola aren't terribly close, perhaps you know whether they were both part of Ohio migrations...?

At 11:12am on 2nd mo. 1, 2011, Paula Deming said…

Jeremy, my first spiritual home was Roanoke! I was there in December for Lloyd Lee Wilson's talk. Were you there, or at the Christmas party at John's?

I thought I'd drop you a note because my great grandfather was also disowned in Iowa! The family lived around West Branch/West Liberty. There's a Quaker cemetery north of West Liberty with many of the family. There was once a meetinghouse on the site, but it's long gone. The cemetery now includes any local who wants to be buried there, but the old section is entirely SoF.


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